Fans Get Emotional as Kingdom Hearts 3 Finally Arrives

Over on Twitter, Kingdom Hearts fans are laughing, crying, and even baking.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is here. It's been 84 years, but it's finally here. Even if you're not a fan of Square Enix's Disney crossover series, you have to admit this is an exciting and momentous event.

Think of the Kingdom Hearts series in the context of the Internet. When Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in 2005, Twitter was a gleam in Jack Dorsey's eye. Today, Twitter is interwoven with the internet. It's loud, it's angry, and it's full of bad politics and bad takes. Thankfully, we get occasional reprieves from the negativity when the world bands together to show off a rare, blessed event—say, the birth of a unicorn, or the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Here's a sampling of some happy Kingdom Hearts fans finally, finally bringing home the third chapter. Some braved snow. Some braved record low temperatures. All made the journey for love, hearts, and friendship.

Kotaku's Tim Rogers argues Kingdom Hearts might be "unreviewable" because the series is so intertwined with people's souls, it's impossible to look at it objectively. I believe it, though our own Caty still did a bang-up job with her Kingdom Hearts 3 review. I'm just glad people are being driven to tears by the game (in a good way).

I'm starting to regret not attending a Kingdom Hearts 3 midnight launch. Not because I'm a Kingdom Hearts fan, but because I would've loved to snag a Sora cutout. Next time my mom asks me for grandchildren, I'd pull him out of the car, set him up at the dining room table, and bask in the confused silence.

"Ma'am? You only gave me one fare. Actually, I'm pretty sure the hair on that boy counts as another person. Better make it three fares."

Waiting on 13 years for Kingdom Hearts 3 has turned some fans' emotions into an overly-tightened spring that's just been waiting to pop.

If you eat these cupcakes, you can say Kingdom Hearts is truly part of you. Unfortunately, it won't permeate your heart, your soul, or anything that poetic. We're mostly talking about your stomach and colon.


Is your heart gradually darkening because you're stuck in Sora's brand new adventure? Don't give in to despair. Visit our Kingdom Hearts 3 guides.

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