Fans Get Super Excited by the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster Reveal - Nintendo World Store Reactions

It seems the extensive Super Smash Bros. Switch presentation was just what fans wanted.

Fans get excited at every E3, and rightly so. E3 reveals details on games many people have been looking forward to for years. The live stream of Nintendo's E3 showcase to a crowd in the Nintendo World Store, New York, always causes some fun reactions, and this year Smash was being unveiled. The audience was pretty pleased with what was shown off.

While many people watching the special E3 Nintendo Direct were wondering how long the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate section would go on for, the detailed first-look that split the presentation into multiple categories went down a storm with fans. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter roster reveal caused particular excitement, with fighter after fighter being met with cheers as they emerged on the screen.

When it was announced that all previous Super Smash Bros. fighters would be returning to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the already-rowdy audience, well… couldn't control their excitement any longer.

Things kicked off properly at around 18:39, with the introduction of Super Smash Bros. on Switch, but it's at 21:12 when everyone got even more excited. Cloud from Final Fantasy VII was followed by Snake, and then the revelation that the game would include every fighter in Smash history. You can see the fan reaction for yourselves.

Little did the crowd know that more unbelievable news was to come. Towards the end of the presentation Ridley's reveal causes sheer joy, then confirmation of a 2018 release date is the icing in the cake. From the look of it, these 25 minutes made E3 2018 pretty special for a lot of fans.

For more on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including details on stages, characters, and more, head over to our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guide. Over there you'll find info on amiibo, plus how you can use the original GameCube controller to play.

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