Far Cry 4 Heading to the Himalayas

Far Cry 4 Heading to the Himalayas

The next Far Cry is moving away from the steamy jungle-filled island.

As Ubisoft confirms one sequel, we receive a report on another. Anonymous sources have told Eurogamer that Far Cry 4 will be released in the first half of 2015 and bring the game to a new region: the Himalayas (pictured above). People close to the project have said the game will have rideable elephants, a number of different climates, and a continued focus on hunting local fauna. At this point, it looks like Far Cry will become Ubisoft's first-person Assassin's Creed, transplanting the same basic gameplay idea to new exotic locales.

This is line with rumors posted on Twitter last month by internet tipster SuperAnnuation.

"Far Cry 4 sounds super boring from the rumors. It's the third game more or less transposed to the Himalayas or adjacent locale + monsters," he tweeted.

Ubisoft is expected to give players and press a glimpse of the game at E3 2014. Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions are high on the priority list, but there's no word on versions for the previous generation of consoles. Assassin's Creed is rumored to have two different versions for 2014, one for generation 7 consoles and one for generation 8, but the Far Cry series probably isn't big enough to justify a similar effort. If there's no current-gen version of Far Cry 4, it could show a shift in Ubisoft's priorities, as the company has always been big on reaching out to as many consumers as possible.

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