Far Cry 4 Strategy Guide: How to Liberate Outposts, Use animals effectively, Avoid being Detected, Not Trip Alarms

Far Cry 4 Strategy Guide: How to Liberate Outposts, Use animals effectively, Avoid being Detected, Not Trip Alarms

The greatest rewards come to those who act like Kyrat's version of Batman. Read on to learn how to complete missions without making a blip on your enemies' radar.

To say that Far Cry 4 empowers the player would be the understatement of the century—Ubisoft's latest exotic open-world game offers no shortage of weapons, items, and animals to exploit in order to achieve your goals.

Even so, Far Cry 4 offers greater rewards to those who use a lighter touch—and some missions even demand it. So while you may want to roll into every objective armed to the teeth and tossing grenades from an elephant's back, brute force isn't always the most effective way to win. So, to help you make the most of your time in Kyrat, we've assembled some helpful tips that'll turn you into a ninja of the fictional Himalayas.

Keep in mind these strategies will work best for Liberating Outposts and Fortresses, as well as the following mission types: Eye for an Eye, Assassination, Outpost Master, Hostage Rescue, Propaganda Center, and Assassination.

How to Avoid Being Detected

  • When you approach an outpost or other area where enemies aren't yet aware of your presence, make sure you're crouching—you'll know if you are when a small white icon appears in the bottom-right corner of your screen. If you're not familiar with a location, stay at least 100m away (give or take) until you can get a sense of the number of enemies, and their locations.
  • Crouching doesn't make you completely invisible, though, so be careful. If an enemy spots you, a curved, white line will begin to grow on your screen, with an arrow pointing in the direction of the soldier you've alerted. If this happens, remain crouched, and back away from that direction, preferably downhill. If the white line begins to shrink and then disappears, you've successfully evaded the enemy's gaze. Keep in mind this meter won't always fill slowly: If you're clearly visible to the enemy, they'll spot you instantly.
  • Most enemy bases are littered with plenty of things to hide behind, like walls, fences, boxes, and other objects. Keep this in mind if an enemy is approaching so you can stop and plan out your next move in safety. Enemies can be hidden in buildings, though, so take caution while passing by open doors and windows.

How to Prepare for Your Attack

  • Upon arriving at your destination, there's a number of things you can and should do to make the next stage of the battle easier. So, before you begin, find a good vantage point—one where enemy soldiers can't see you—and use your camera to scope out the base. Every enemy you scan with the camera will be made much more visible to you, since doing this plants a floating icon above their head (which indicates their type), and lets you see a silhouette of them as they travel behind parts of the environment. Keep in mind, though, you may need to scope out the area from a few different spots in order to tag all of the enemies—and be sure you don't neglect rooftops and building interiors.
  • Animals are extremely vicious in Far Cry 4, and they can definitely be used to your advantage. If you'd like the forces of nature to wipe out your enemies—or simply distract them while you shoot from afar with a silent weapon—bait works wonders. This item sits just to the left of your bottom weapon slot, and you automatically pick up a piece of it whenever you skin an animal in the wild. As long as you're hidden, tossing bait won't attract the attention of enemies, so you can sit back and watch the chaos unfold. And if you'd like to throw another piece, wait for the previous animal attack to cease before you do.
  • Many enemy bases contain angry, caged animals just waiting to sink their teeth and tusks into human flesh, and you can use these majestic beasts to your advantage. Either break their cage with an arrow from a distance (so you won't be spotted), or unleash a melee attack when you're close by. Remember, though, these animals don't play favorites, and just because you released them doesn't mean they won't attack you as well.

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