Far Cry 5 Sets the Heartland Aflame, Magikarp Uses "Jump," and the Rest of This Week's Headlines

Far Cry 5 Sets the Heartland Aflame, Magikarp Uses "Jump," and the Rest of This Week's Headlines

ENDING CREDITS | Taking a look a back at this week's headlines and everything else you might have missed on USgamer.

Here we are. The weekend. Not just any weekend, though. We've reached the King of Weekends: The Memorial Day weekend. It's he unofficial start of summer, approximately three weeks before the real start of summer.

Hey, summer's awesome. Nothing wrong with starting it early.

If you live outside of the United States, happy Substitute Reason for the Long Weekend. And if you live in Canada, you blew your long weekend wad on Victoria Day already. Sorry.

Luckily, all peoples of all nations have my permission to enjoy a barbeque this weekend.

It's been an interesting week. We have a lot of new information (and controversy) about the next Far Cry game, and Magikarp Jump splashed out of nowhere and straight into our hearts.

Here's the wrap-up:

All right. Off you go. Eat and drink 'til you puke.

Not before you listen to this week's choice of ending credits music, though. It's a good one: The credits roll for Donkey Kong Country 2. What can I say; I felt inspired after highlighting Mining Melancholy in Starting Screen a week ago.

I need to point out that the change in Donkey Kong Country 2's credits roll (0:46) isn't dissimilar from the change in Aerosmith's Janie's Got a Gun (2:17).

Was Rare composer David Wise inspired by Aerosmith's gritty ballad? I hope so.

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