Far Cry 5 Will Take Place in Montana According to Sinister Tourism Videos

Far Cry 5 Will Take Place in Montana According to Sinister Tourism Videos

A series of terrifying videos welcome you to Hope County, Montana

Ubisoft will reveal Far Cry 5 this Friday on May 26th, but a series of atmospheric teasers released on the official PlayStation YouTube account reveals that Far Cry 5 will probably take place in Montana, as per the rumors.

Earlier today, PlayStation and Ubisoft put out four videos that resemble a local tourism commercial showcasing somewhere called Hope County, Montanta (not a real place according a quick Google Maps search). Presumably, this is the location of the next Far Cry game which have previously taken place in areas like Tibet for Far Cry 4 and prehistoric times in Far Cry Primal.

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Each video doesn't last very long, showing shots of both Montana's wilderness like rivers and forests, and more rural areas like a farm and a church. If it were just scenic views of Montana, the teasers would be perfectly pleasant. Watch long enough however, and each video feature moments of sudden and shocking violence.

For example the first teaser shows off a river, until a corpse floats past the camera.

The second teaser shows a large, grassy field by a farm only for a man to suddenly appear running away from an unseen assailant before ultimately getting shot in the back.

The third teaser is a bit more dense with the camera panning in on a rustic church while a chorus sings in the background. The church bells are ringing, only for the video to reveal that it's being rung by someone banging a victim's head onto the bell.

The Last video shows of Hope County's great outdoors full of tall forest trees on a mountainside backdrop, when suddenly a man starts screaming and causes a flock of birds to flee.

Each video each video ends with a "Welcome to Hope County" logo and a haunting music score that sort of undercuts the tourism message.

It was earlier reported that Far Cry 5 will take place in Montana. This was thanks to a local newspaper story of a Ubisoft-associated film crew shooting in Montana for an unannounced video game title.

Afterwards, fans began speculating on the premise for Far Cry 5 with some saying that the game would be a 19th century spaghetti western. Other rumors included an anonymous source revealing that the game will take place in more modern times, resembling a cops and robber story where the player's law enforcer will face off against a rebel group who've taken over surrounding ranches in the area. A story premise that echoes some real-life events.

It's interesting to note that the actors in the second and third video teaser, where one is running in the field and the other with a man bashing another into a church bell, all appear to be dressed in modern-ish clothing. Or at the very least not 19th century western clothing, suggesting that the game won't be a 19th century western.

Fans will have to wait until this Friday for the full Far Cry 5 reveal. For all the latest on the game, check out our Far Cry 5 - Everything we Know article.

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