Far Cry 5's Wanted Posters Use Your Custom Character

Far Cry 5's Wanted Posters Use Your Custom Character

"Gosh, I sure look good."

In Far Cry 5, it doesn't take long for your character to be branded as a troublemaker, and all the dogs of Hell quickly begin snapping at your heels. With such detailed Wanted posters, though, it's easy to understand why Father Seed's flunkies have no problem drawing a bead on you.

Yesterday, a redditor named FabioEGonzales discovered your customized character is all over Hope County's Wanted posters. Every detail is matched: Your clothes, your eyes, your hair, and any kooky additions. The screenshot FabioEGonzales posted shows their character standing taciturn against a black background. It's a perfectly clear shot that exudes no sense of panic, as if Fabio's avatar is thinking about whether he'd like McDonalds or Burger King for lunch.

"Would it have killed them to get my good side?"

The Wanted poster has one additional word printed across its bottom: "SINNER." The "SINNER" fills in the space where traditional Wanted posters offer a reward for the quarry being hunted (Dead or Alive), but I guess performing murder for the sake of Joseph Seed is its own reward.

Far Cry 5 has received some criticism for its clumsy marriage of serious and light-hearted themes, but reviewers admit the game is generally fun to play. If you're thinking of visiting Hope County yourself, don't go unprepared. Take look at all our hints, tips, and guide for Far Cry 5 that cover fishing, crafting, quests, and much more.

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