Far Cry New Dawn Box Art Leaked Before The Game Awards [Update: Confirmed]

Good morning to a new dawn.

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Update: The leaks were true and Far Cry New Dawn was announced as the new Far Cry project. Taking place after some kind of apocalypse, New Dawn shows a delirious side of the Far Cry series with custom weapons, mutant wildlife, and the twins from the leaked box art serving as the game's villains. Here's a trailer below.

Original story

Ubisoft teased a new Far Cry project set sometimes after an apocalyptic event. The reveal was presumably meant for The Game Awards but Far Cry New Dawn was leaked hours before the event.

The box art for Far Cry New Dawn shows two women, one carrying the buzzsaw crossbow from the teaser, holding a man hostage for what looks like target practice. If this box art is accurate then there's a good chance these two women are the villains in New Dawn as Far Cry video game covers have historically put the game's villains front-and-center of the promotional materials.

The teaser, as well as this box art, shows yet another new direction for the Far Cry series which looks like something punkier and more colorful. We'll have to wait until the full reveal for more details.

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