Far Cry Primal - All Spirit Totem Locations

Far Cry Primal - All Spirit Totem Locations

Find all 12 Spirit Totems in Far Cry Primal.

This guide will show you the exact location of all 12 Spirit Totems found in Far Cry Primal. Each one of these Spirit Totems will give you an XP boost, helping players to level up faster and unlock more Skills. They will take you all over the map, however, so a little preparation is in order here.

First of all, ensure that you have the Grappling Claw unlocked and ready for use. This is done by bringing Wogah to your village, which is easy enough. Secondly, if at all possible you will want to upgrade your Winter Clothing all the way. This will allow you to get into the northern parts of Oros without getting cold and having to worry about freezing to death. Although it’s not necessary, consider unlocking the Beast Rider skill, allowing you to ride animals to get from one location to the next. Finally, we found great use in our Cave Bear companion, since it can battle just about any beast that Oros can throw at you, and will almost always come out on top.

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The first Spirt Totem can be completed just west of the Payska River Outpost, but first you must get the quest from someone at your village named Manoo to give you the quest. You can find him just to the west of Karoosh's hut, and he should have a question mark way point on him. You must also ensure that you have built huts for Karoosh, Wojah and Jayma, otherwise you won't see Manoo.

Head to the Payska River Outpost. That’s the one that’s on an island where the river forks off in three different directions. Swim from the island to the west and accept the Village Mission titled Spirt Totem. When you have, head west until you see a high cliff. Move around to the north and there will be an alcove, along with some Udam enemies and a Brown Bear not far away. Kill the enemies and you’ll find the Spirit Totem on the ground. Grab it, then use your Grappling Claw to ascend to the top of the cliff. Continue to ascend, either walking or using your Grappling Claw again. The Alter where you place the Spirit Totem is marked on your map at this point.

To find the second Spirt Totem, head through the mountain pass that leads to the most northern section of the map. You’re going to want fully upgraded Winter Clothing, which means you should have recruited Jayma at this point. You’ll also Wogah, giving you the Grappling Claw. When you get into that area of the map, head east of the Stone Beak Bonefire, which you’ll also want to claim to give yourself a future fast travel option. You’ll see two bodies of water on your map, the Spirit Totem is between them, slightly to the northwest of the smaller body of water.

Your third Spirit Totem is found west of Cut Mamaf Cave, which sits on the northern tip of a river. The exact location of the Spirit Totem is about 345 feet, or paces, or whatever the unit of measurement was during these times. This will take you into the snow again, so fully upgraded Winter Clothing is advised. You should also ensure that you have your Grappling Claw. We chose to ride our Brown Bear to get close, and then walk with our Cave Bear for protection. Considering the previous journey, this Spirit Totem is actually quite easy to locate and place. Look at your map when you’re close and it will almost certainly show up for you.

To find this Spirit Totem, begin on the road that is just south of Cut Mamaf Cave, found just to the north of the Payska River. Take the road as it moves east and into the snow. When the path forks to the north and south, take the southern option and continue to follow it. The path will not fork now, but will curve to the east. Follow it as it does, but continue to move east and off the path, rather than take it as it starts to curve south again. You will find the Spirit Totem about 434 paces from Cut Mamaf Cave if you are on a southeast trajectory. You can set a way point to confirm this for yourself. Place the Spirit Totem, and then it’s on to the next.

The fifth Spirit Totem of Far Cry Primal can be found about 680 paces to the west of the Piki Meat Outpost. If you’ve captured that Outpost, fast travel to it and set a waypoint as far to the west as you can. Travel to that location and you’ll find a cave. Inside the cave is the Spirit Totem you are looking for. This one sits just on the snow line, so use that as a guide when you’re searching.

The next Spirit Totem is found east of your village, and northwest of the Stone Watch Bonfire. If you have claimed this Bonfire, it won’t show the name on your map, but there is only one to the east of your village, so you shouldn’t have trouble locating it. From the Stone Watch Bonfire, head northwest, leaving the path and heading across a field to another path. You’ll notice a sharp hook in the path that you’re headed to, and the Spirit Totem is inside a village at that hook. The Spirit Totem is between 170 and 180 paces to the northwest of the Stone Watch Bonfire.

Players can grab another Spirit Totem just to the west of the Burning Spear Bonfire. It’s actually just to the north of a small body of water. You could fast travel to the Piki Meat Outpost and then take the path to the south, or you could fast travel to Payska River Outpost and make your way east. We ran into several Help Wenja events along the way, as well as a large group of Woolly Mammoths roaming about. Once you’ve grabbed the Spirit Totem, you would be wise to capture the Burning Spear Bonfire (if you haven’t already done so), giving yourself a fast travel point that’s on the east side of the map.

The eighth Spirit Totem that we snagged was likely the hardest so far, mostly because of the high level enemies and beasts we had to pass through to get there. The collectible is located to the southwest of the Nada Swamp Outpost, so if that is something you have captured, fast travel there and your journey will be quite simple. If you haven’t captured it, you can bypass it carefully, but we’d advise taking it over. It will give you a nice place to hang your hat in the southern part of Oros. From the Nada Swamp Outpost, head south along the swamp. When you reach dry ground, keep going south until you hit a road, and then go west. That road will take you right to the Spirit Totem, although there are Cave Bears and Woolly Mammoths to worry about along the way.

Players can find another Spirit Totem not far from the last. If you’re still at the Nada Swamp Outpost, head to the west until you see the Sun Daughter Bonfire. It has a couple of high level Udam, but it shouldn’t be too hard to capture with Owl: Attack 1 and Owl: Attack 2. Once you have it, light the Bonfire and you have yourself a new fast travel location. From this point, head directly west, across the river until you hit a path. Head south along the path until you find a small body of water. You will be able to claim the next Spirit Totem at that location. In fact, as you get close to these collectibles, they should start to show up on your map when you’re zoomed in enough.

We’re getting to the end of the Spirit Totems, but we have a couple more to go. The next collectible is also found down south. You must have a Grappling Claw to access this area, unless of course you have already captured the Ring Wall Outpost. If so, fast travel there and go south until you find the Stone Galu Bonfire. Claim it by taking out the Udam and lighting the Bonfire, and then continue to follow the road as it moves to the south. Keep checking the in-game map, as you’ll soon see the Spirit Totem on there. Set a way point and claim it.

The second to last Spirit Totem can be found on the far east of the map, past the Great Prashrawa waterfall. East of that waterfall is a road, which player will need to follow until it takes them through a cave. You’ll even have to swim underwater to get to the other side of the cave. When you emerge, continue east, not north, and capture the Fallen Tashla Outpost. From there you can take the path north, zooming in on your map to see the Spirit Totem marked for your convenience. Set your way point as you normally would, and then claim it. You’ve only got one more to go.

The Final Spirit Totem can be found very far to the south. South of the Night Watch Bonfire, and even south of the Rotten Lake Outpost. Follow the river south from the Rotten Lake Outpost, moving through the small passage between the cliffs. You’ll find yourself in an alcove of sorts. On the east side of that alcove is the Hold Rock Bonfire. You’ll need to capture it and light the Bonfire to use it for future fast travel, and then look for a body of water along the cliff. Dive into the water, swimming underneath and forward until you emerge deep in the mountain. You’ll find the Spirit Totem in there. It’s about the only thing that you’ll find in there.

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