Far Cry Primal - Blood Dragon Easter Egg

Far Cry Primal - Blood Dragon Easter Egg

Follow these steps to discover the future past.

Far Cry Primal has tipped its spear towards the future by incorporating a subtle Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon reference for fans to find. In this guide, we will show you where to locate the Blood Dragon Easter Egg reference for yourself.

From mysterious islands, to the Himalayan mountains, the Far Cry series has sent players on journeys throughout a variety of different environments. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon took place in an exaggerated, futuristic ‘80s-inspired dystopia, which is vastly different from the primitive Mesolithic environment of Far Cry Primal. It’s this disparity that makes finding an Easter Egg like this one so satisfying.

If you’ve never played the Blood Dragon expansion, all you really need to know is that it’s set in a futuristic past that features plenty of laser-eyed dragons. Even if you won’t get the reference, finding the Blood Dragon Easter Egg will unlock a secret achievement/trophy called Mark 4 Wenjas. This dragon hunt is a worthy endeavor for any achievement hunter.

Start by heading northeast toward the mountains, near the far right side of the map. From your village, follow along the river until you reach the snow covered mountaintop. The river ends, or rather begins, at a waterfall that spills from the top of these snowy peaks. This area won’t be marked as a specific location on the map, but one of the nearest landmarks is the Baydaya Hut if you need a reference point.

Be prepared to tackle some rough terrain as you make your way to the target location. This mountain range is pretty high up, so the climate will be much colder than Takkar is used to. Before attempting to locate this Easter Egg, make sure to craft some winter apparel to stave off a bit of the cold. Try to keep your eye on your temperature gauge once you are at the chilly mountain top, and be sure to ignite a torch when the temperatures begin to drop.

Once you reach the waterfall, you must climb to the top to discover the source of the water. At the top of the waterfall, you’ll find that the water originates from within a narrow cave. Enter the cave and take a few steps through its tight curves. The cave path leads to a larger opening that contains the skeletal remains of a massive Blood Dragon. It seems that this deceased dragon had made its nest here before passing.

There are several glowing eggs surrounding the fossilized Blood Dragon, and they appear to still be emanating light. Perhaps these glowing eggs will be ready to hatch sometime in a dystopian 2007, or perhaps we’re reading too far into this reference. Either way, this is still an awesome Easter Egg for Blood Dragon fans to discover.

Finding this fossilized Blood Dragon will unlock a secret achievement/trophy titled Mark 4 Wenja. In case there was any doubt as to whether this fossil was intended to be a Blood Dragon reference, the description of the achievement says ‘discover the future past’, which is enough confirmation for us.

If you are looking for more Far Cry Primal tips, collectibles, and features, head over to USGamer’s Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide. We’ve got the best guides to help you survive the treacherous challenges encountered throughout the Oros valley.

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