Far Cry Primal - Great Scar Bear Beast Master Hunt

Far Cry Primal - Great Scar Bear Beast Master Hunt

Successfully complete an epic bear hunt.

Far Cry Primal features several opportunities for you to tame rare beasts who will fight by your side. For this guide, we will show you how to complete the Great Scar Bear Beast Master Hunt. Upon successful completion of this hunt, you will have a tamed bear to call your own.

In Far Cry Primal, taming animals is a unique mechanic that allows you to take advantage of your environment beyond human limitations. You can command your tamed animal companions to attack hostiles, mark targets, and even retrieve loot. More animal types will become available to tame as you continue to level up.

The Great Scar Bear Beast Master Hunt is a side mission that becomes available further along in your journey. Completing this quest will unlock the Big Teddy achievement/trophy. Follow the steps in this guide to defeat the beast and convert the scar bear into a useful pet companion.

Once you receive this Beast Master Hunt quest, head to the quest location marked on your map. This quest begins near a waterfall along the southeastern edge of the map, and is indicated by a bear face icon. Head toward the quest marker to reach the waterfall. Just beside the waterfall is a cave entrance. Start by hopping across the stone steps in the water to reach the cave on the opposite side. Continue through the cave entrance, and start exploring the cave.

A few steps into the cave, you’ll reach a small pool of water. Dive into the cave pool, and swim underwater to reach an opening on the other side. When you emerge from the water, there will be a steep rock wall that you need to climb. Use your Grappling Claw to scale up the wall, then continue through the passage.

When the path curves, you’ll find a wall covered in cave paintings of a bear. Investigate the cave paintings to learn more about the cave bear. Once you hear a roar, prepare to begin your hunt for the beast by lighting your weapon on one of the nearby torches.

Exit the cave by continuing through the passage to reach the outside. Here you will discover a new campfire spawn point, as well as a new location. Activate your Hunter Sense to find clues in the surrounding area that can help you track the bear.

Locate a set of bloody red footprints using your Hunter Sense. Follow the prints to a nearby campsite, then look for a set of bear tracks leading away from the camp to the north. Keep following the bear tracks to discover useful clues left behind by the previous hunters.

Continue to follow the tracks north up the hill. You’ll eventually reach an available trap that you can craft using Hardwood. Proceed to follow the tracks to discover a fallen hunter and a new campfire location a few steps ahead. At this point, the scar bear will be pretty close by. If you have already tamed the Bloodfang Sabertooth, now is a good time to summon it to your location.

Grapple up the rocks beside the waterfall, switching between the multiple grapple points as needed. Once you reach the top, prepare to face the Scar Bear. There are already several hunters attacking the beast, which will help improve your efforts. Do whatever you can to injure the bear, using fire to ignite your weapons if possible.

Once the scar bear loses about a third of its health, it will retreat into a nearby cave. Chase the bear into the cave, bringing your pet along for the hunt. Enter the cave, and set a few Hardwood traps along the path as you see fit. When you reach the scar bear, proceed to attack the beast until it is defeated.

Once you have defeated the bear, you can now attempt to tame it. Approach the bear while it is healing, then hold down the Tame button to tame the bear and complete the hunt.

Successfully taming the scar bear unlocks the Big Teddy achievement/trophy, and the scar bear will become available as a pet option. Check out USGamer’s Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide for more features, including tips on how to survive the Oros valley wilderness.

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