Far Cry Primal - How to Get the Grappling Claw

Far Cry Primal - How to Get the Grappling Claw

Get the Grappling Claw from Wogah.

This guide will show you where to get the Grappling Claw in Far Cry Primal. This useful tool will allow you to explore otherwise unreachable parts of Oros, and access collectibles that Takkar can’t get to on his own.

To get the Grappling Claw, players will have to embark on a journey to get Wogah, a specialist NPC, to join their village back at Takkar’s Cave. This requires you to complete a couple of quests, Trapped and Blood of Oros. You’ll receive the Grappling Claw in Trapped, but the Blood of Oros must be finished if you want Wogah to join your Village.

How to Get the Grappling Claw

You'll find the Grappling Claw on the ground by a dead body in Wogah's cave.

Before players can get the Grappling Claw, they’ll have to first complete a few quests. These are done as soon as you reach Oros, so meeting the requirements won’t be overly difficult. For example, Deep Wounds is given to you as soon as you meet Sayla, and Beast Master, as well as Vision of Beasts, are given to you right after. Those quests will get you your White Wolf and Owl Companion in Far Cry Primal. Complete those three quests and you can then head out to snag your Grappling Claw.

Wogah the Crafter

Look on your map for a face that is labeled with Wogah the Crafter when you hover over it with your cursor. Set a way point for this location, and then head out to find him. When you arrive, a cut scene will see you begin the quest, Trapped.

Completing Trapped isn’t too tricky, but there are a few spots that you can get tripped up. First of all, when Wogah leaves you in your pit, light an arrow on fire and burn the sticks that are on the ground. You can see them clearly with your Hunter Vision. When you’re ready, drop down through the hole and into the water at the bottom of the cave.

Continue to use your Hunter Vision to spot items of interest, including a couple of beasts that are making their home in the cave. You’ll want to kill them, and then locate a dead body that you can search. This will give you the Grappling Claw, at which point your objective will change and require you to Escape the Cave.

Each time you use your Grappling Claw, Ubisoft will remind of the controls, just in case you forgot.

From here, escaping the cave is fairly simple. It’s all about teaching you how to use your Grappling Claw. Keep in mind that you can see the instructions for this at any time by pausing your game and scrolling to the Help menu, but it’s fairly straightforward. If you get stuck at any point, ensure that you are looking up and using your Hunter Vision.

After escaping the cave, make your way back to the way point to have another discussion with Wogah. He will send you on another quest called the Blood of Oros, but you will have secured the Grappling Claw by escaping the cave. Do his second quest and he will become a part of your Village.

For more guides and tips to help Takkar survive his time in Oros, be sure to visit USgamer’s Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide.

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