Far Cry Primal - How to Get the Owl and White Wolf

Far Cry Primal - How to Get the Owl and White Wolf

Get the Owl companion in Far Cry Primal.

This guide will show players how to get the Owl companion in Far Cry Primal. This is done very early in the game, but is tied to the Tensay the Shaman quest. We’ll talk you through that, but also what you can do with your Owl once you have it.

Before you can get the owl, players will have to endure the first hour or so of the game. This will include the prologue, where Takkar must make his way to Oros and meet up with Sayla. Once there, Sayla will send you out to get her some materials during the Deep Wounds quest. Once you return you’ll be able to head out on the Tensay the Shaman quest and get your Owl.

Your first companion is the Owl, and in the right hands it's absolutely deadly.

How to Get the Owl and White Wolf

After returning with materials to help Sayla during Deep Wounds, she’ll ask you to head out and find more Wenja to bring back and expand your village. If you then look at your map, there should be a quest icon for Tensay the Shaman. Given the amount of distractions in Oros, it might take you some time to get there, but set a way point and head out to the quest start location.

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll see three Udam hanging around outside. You can just avoid them and head into the cave, as they respawned once we came back outside anyway. Inside the cave, locate Tensay and talk to him to begin the Vision of Beasts quest. It’s a non-violent quest, and all you’re really doing is learning how to control the Owl. If you crash into something you’ll fail, but for the most part it’s fairly straightforward. Just bob and weave through the obstacles, moving forward and finding the Owl each time you lose sight of it.

You can see a list of the beast commands by pausing your game and selecting Help.

When you complete the Vision of Beasts quest you’ll be able to use your Owl, but you’ll still be in the middle of Tensay the Shaman. Look at your map to locate yet another icon for this quest. If you set a way point and head to that location, you’ll be able to tame and get your hands on your White Wolf companion. It’s a little bit more dangerous, but the game does a great job of helping you through the mechanics here. Just follow the prompts and you’ll be set. If you’re not satisfied with the White Wolf, however, we can take you through some more advanced taming with How to Tame Beasts in Far Cry Primal.

After exiting the cave to continue with Tensay the Shaman, you’ll see the three Udam warriors a short distance away. Take this opportunity to learn how to use your Owl. Once you finish the rest of Tensay the Shaman, you’ll have unlocked the Beast Master part of the skill tree. You can read more about that with our guide to the Best Skills in Far Cry Primal.

That’ll do it for this one. Getting your Owl in Far Cry Primal is that easy. We’ve got a lot more going on to help you thrive in Oros. Pop by USgamer’s Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide to pick and choose the guides that will suit you the best.

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