Far Cry Primal - How to Increase Population

Far Cry Primal - How to Increase Population

Recruit Wenja people to your village.

This guide will show you how to increase the population of your Village in Far Cry Primal, unlocking the various upgrades for the huts of the NPCs that you’ve recruited.

Soon after Takkar arrives in Oros, Sayla will send him out to recruit Wenja people and bring them back to the Village. This will cause the population to grow, which brings in certain rewards and unlocks some of the upgrades that are tied to the game’s Skills and Crafting.

If you’re struggling to grow the Wenja population in Oros, we can help you get started. It took us some time as well, but once we understood the mechanics, things began to move much faster.

Population Rewards

Complete random events in Oros to bring Wenja back to your Village and increase population.

Adding population to your Village doesn’t just allow you to upgrade the various huts for the NPCs you’ve recruited, but it also rewards you with rewards in your Stash each day. For example, a population of 20 will give you one bag of weapon resources and food each day, while a population of 40 will give you two bags. When your population reaches 60, you’ll get three bags, which is the maximum. It doesn’t end there, however, as every 10 rescued tribespeople beyond 60 will give you +2 percent bonus XP, capping at 48 percent, or 300 in total population.

How to Increase Population

Increasing your population is actually very simple. You just need to complete the quests and activities on your map. The problem is, if you aren’t typically doing quests, you won’t see your population jump up all that much. We had this problem early on, as we just liked to roam and kill animals (and the Udam), but avoided any kind of marked quest. When we went to upgrade our village, this became a problem.

Open your map and hover over some of the markers on it. Try an Outpost, for example. You’ll see all the information about that Outpost listed right there, including how difficult it is to capture, and what the reward will be for doing so. In most cases, capturing the Outpost will reward you with XP and population. If you aren’t sure how to capture an Outpost, read USgamer’s tips on How to Capture Outposts in Far Cry Primal.

The higher your Village population, the more upgrades you can make to your huts.

There are only 15 Outposts to capture in the entire game, however, so relying on that as a way to grow the population of your Village is silly. Look at all the activities on your map, but also consider taking part in the random Help Wenja events that pop up when you’re roaming about. These will normally show up in the form of a random way point that you’re not expecting to see. Often it will feature Wenja fighting the Udam, or even the Udam escorting a captured Wenja. Help and free them to send them back to your village and increase its overall population.

For all your Far Cry Primal needs, including collectibles and guides to taming companions, visit USgamer’s Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide.

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