Far Cry Primal - How to Tame Beasts

Far Cry Primal - How to Tame Beasts

Learn to tame the ferocious Cave Bear.

In Far Cry Primal, learning to tame beasts is essential to survival. Early in the game, you’ll spend a great deal of time afraid of everything that moves. As you get comfortable with the combat, however, players will find that they are at the top of the Oros food chain. Part of that combat is ensuring that you have the right companion.

Today, we’ll show you how to start taming beasts, covering the quests and characters involved with this process. We’ll give you some tips that we had to learn the hard way, helping you to avoid the pain and suffering that Takkar endured on our behalf. Seriously, getting mauled by a Brown Bear is not fun. Not even in a video game.

How to Tame Beasts

Taming beasts requires Bait, which can be crafted from the Meat you get off dead animals.

If you’re looking for the in-game quests and triggers that you have to find in order to unlock the ability to tame beasts, we’ve outlined all of that with USgamer’s guide on Far Cry Primal - How to Get the Owl and White Wolf. This will take you through the Tensay the Shaman and Vision of Beasts quests. After that things get a little more complicated, so here’s what you need to know when heading out to tame beasts.

Beast Master Skills

There are four Skills that are related to what beasts you can tame. The first is Tame Canines, which will allow you to tame Dholes, Rare Dholes, Wolves, White Wolves and Rare Stripe Wolves. The three remaining skills are Tame Wildcats, Tame Apex Predators and Tame Cunning Beasts. Each one of those will give you the ability to tame a new batch of beasts. It’s important to know what beasts you can tame and what you can’t. Trust us when we tell you that you don’t want to go trying to tame a Cave Bear with the Tame Apex Predator skill that only allows you to tame Brown Bears.

How to Tame Beasts

Far Cry Primal does a pretty bang up job of walking you through just about every mechanic in the game. This is no different for taming beasts, but there are some tips and tricks that we can help you with that the game doesn’t cover.

First of all, ensure that you always have the maximum amount of Bait that you can carry. To see how much Bait you have, open your weapon wheel and look for it. You craft Bait from Meat, and you get Meat by killing and skinning just about any animal in the game.

When you’ve confirmed that you have enough Bait, ensure that the animal you want to tame isn’t near other animals that it will fight with, or that will fight with you. For example, if you try to tame a Wolf while it has two other Wolves nearby, the two you aren’t taming are likely to attack you. In this case you’d kill the two Wolves you don’t plan to tame, and then tame the last surviving member of the pack when they’re gone.

If your beasts dies in battle, and it will, you can revive it from your Beasts menu

It doesn’t just apply to wolves, however, as you can often find more than one species of predator in close proximity to one another. If a Cave Lion and Wolf are near one another, they could start fighting while you’re trying to tame one. This actually happened to us, and eventually they both decided that Takkar was the real threat, at which point we had to battle a Cave Lion and a Wolf simultaneously. Not cool.

To recap, make sure that you’ve unlocked the relevant skill for the beast you want to tame. Check that the beast isn’t around some of its buddies, or other predators for that matter. When you’re sure that you have the optimal circumstances, throw a piece of Bait near the animal. An icon will tell you if it’s going to take the Bait. If it does, crouch and slowly move close, throwing even more Bait just in case it stops eating what you’ve already thrown. When the icon pops up telling you to tame it, do so and you’re good.

For more information on taming beasts, killing beasts, and everything else that you can do in Oros, be sure to visit USgamer’s Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide.

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