Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide

Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide

What you need to know for Takkar’s journey.

This page will act as USgamer’s main Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide. We’ll use it to list all of our collectible guides, including for the Daysha Hands, Cave Paintings, Izila Masks, Spirit Totems and Wenja Bracelets. We’ll also tell you what the best Skills are to unlock, why it’s important to build and upgrade your Village, and how to get your hands on the Owl and White Wolf. We’ll even help you unlock the Grappling Claw from Wogah’s Trapped mission.

Far Cry Primal Tips

  • Use your Hunter Vision often, even if just for a brief moment. Every 15-20 seconds seems like a lot, but predators can sneak up on you very quickly.
  • Never pass by a resource that you can grab without doing so. Upgrading your Village takes a lot of common and rare materials located in all corners of the map.
  • Upgrade your Bow and Quiver as quickly as you can. We’re taking out almost all Udam and most beasts with a single arrow from the level 4 upgrades.
  • Unlock Owl: Attack 1 and Owl: Attack 2 in the Beast Master Skills to take out entire Udam Outposts from a distance, never putting Takkar in danger.
  • Use your Hunter Vision before you get into the water. You can kill Crocodiles and Bitefish with shots from your Bow. We learned this this hard way.

Far Cry Primal Collectibles

Far Cry Primal - All Spirit Totem Locations

Contains the location of all 12 Spirit Totems in Far Cry Primal, as well as tips to make the journey to each just a little easier, like bring a Cave Bear, Cave lion, and some Spears.

Far Cry Primal - All Daysha Hand Locations

This guide shows you where to find all Daysha Hands in Far Cry Primal, and includes map images and a contextual description for all 100 collectibles.

Far Cry Primal - All Wenja Bracelet Locations

If you're struggling to find all the Wenja Bracelets, we have detailed instructions and images to help you locate all 25 of them. Pack your winter clothing.

Far Cry Primal Featured Articles

Far Cry Primal Tips - Crafting, Skills, Outposts and Daysha Hands

We put together some tips for all of the main concepts in Far Cry Primal. Use this article as a primer to get you ready for your journey into Oros, as well as our more in-depth guides.

Far Cry Primal - Best Skills - Beast Master, Tame Cunning Beasts

There is no Skill in Far Cry Primal that won’t help you, but there are some that will help you more. We’ve put a list together of our favorites, and what you need to do to unlock them.

Far Cry Primal - Blood Dragon Easter Egg

Far Cry Primal features a subtle Easter Egg that references Blood Dragon, a previous Far Cry expansion. With some help from PS4Trophies, we'll help you find it.

Far Cry Primal - Great Scar Bear Beast Master Hunt

This guide will show you how to track and defeat the Great Scar Bear, in order to tame it as your pet. Completing this hunt also unlocks an achievement/trophy.

Far Cry Primal Beast Master Hunt - Bloodfang Sabertooth

Detailed instructions on how you can track and take down the Bloodfang Sabertooth, including turning the beast into one of your most trusted companions.

Far Cry Primal Beast Master Hunt - Snowblood Wolf

Learn how you can track and defeat the pack leaders in the Snowblood Wolf Beast Master Hunt. We'll even help you tame it to add another companion to your selection.

Far Cry Primal How To Features

Far Cry Primal - How to Get the Owl and White Wolf

This guide will explain how you can get the Owl and White Wolf companions by completing the Beast Master and Vision of Beasts quests form Tensay.

Far Cry Primal - How to Tame Beasts - Tame a Cave Bear

While the game does a great job of walking you through some of the mechanics, we’ve got some advanced tips to help you tame any of the beasts in Far Cry Primal.

Far Cry Primal - How to Get the Grappling Claw - Trapped

There are a lot of areas of Oros that you can’t reach without a Grappling Claw, so we’ll show you how you can get it by completing Wogah’s missions, Trapped and the Blood of Oros.

Far Cry Primal - How to Kill Beasts - Mammoth and Cave Bears

From the first moments Takkar spends in Oros, various beasts will try to kill him. We have some tips on how you can become the most feared predator in all the lands.

Far Cry Primal - How to Build and Upgrade Your Village

Upgrading your village not only unlocks new Skills and rewards, but it also unlocks quests that Takkar needs to complete. Here’s everything you need to know.

Far Cry Primal - How to Increase Village Population

Most of the mechanics in Far Cry Primal are tied together, and you’ll have to increase the population of your Village in order to upgrade it and progress further in your journey.

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