Final Fantasy XIV Director Justifies Monster Hunter: World Crossover Event's High Level Cap

In a new interview with Polygon, director Naoki Yoshida elaborates on the level 70 requirement.

One of the surprise announcements during E3 last week was of an unexpected crossover between Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter: World. The crossover teased at the end of the Under the Moonlight patch's trailer teased a new Palico pet for Final Fantasy XIV, alongside a Rathalos dragon to battle. But not all Final Fantasy XIV players will get a chance to join in on the fun.

On the special collaboration's website, the requirements players have to meet to face Rathalos are detailed—and they're not friendly to newcomers. In order to take part in the collaboration, you have to have leveled up your character to level 70 and have beaten Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood's main scenario quest. That's quite a chunk of time.

Palicos will be able to accompany you as a pet in the crossover event.

In a recent interview with Polygon, director Naoki Yoshida elaborated on the collaboration, including detailing its level cap requirement and why the team chose Rathalos in particular. The cap, Yoshida tells the site, helps it sustain "a serious fight against a formidable opponent." Like how formidable the hunts in Monster Hunter: World already are. "The title already sort of dictates that you are there to hunt monsters and it’s very serious business," Yoshida tells the site. "So looking at that with Final Fantasy XIV and our level 15 or level 30, it's intermediate. It's not as challenging as Monster Hunter. I don't think you could consider it hunting for monsters at a lower level." Rathalos is also a monster that Yoshida has loved since he first played the series on PlayStation 2, according to Polygon.

Meanwhile, Monster Hunter: World is getting its own Final Fantasy-related collaboration too, with a Behemoth beast coming to the game. Yoshida notes that it'll feel like any other beast in the Monster Hunter realm. "I think if you are a player in Monster Hunter, I’m sure you would feel weird if you can’t chop off a monster's tail as you’re fighting it,” Yoshida says. “So it wouldn’t be very fun if we didn’t allow for that to happen."

Both Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter: World crossover events are headed to its respective games this summer, though no firm dates have been revealed.

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