FFXIV Free World Transfers Start Today

FFXIV Free World Transfers Start Today

Plus Halloween -- sorry, "All Saints' Wake" -- events starting this Friday.

Although Final Fantasy XIV's reboot A Realm Reborn had a somewhat rocky start due to the usual "unprecedented demand" excuse, it's now running very smoothly and stably.

There are many players who got separated from their friends in the initial launch rush, however; character creation restrictions designed to ease the strain on popular servers meant that in many cases, it was impossible for people to get their "first choice" server and play alongside real-life friends. Most players accepted that this would be the reality of the situation for the immediate future -- albeit with a little grumbling -- on the understanding that at some point in the near future, they'd be able to switch servers and hopefully, finally be able to meet up with their friends for some co-op fun.

Today, Square Enix has activated the World Transfer service and, as previously reported, it will be available for free for five full days. Specifically, the service will run from today until next Monday, October 21. You'll be able to move up to eight characters at once from one World to another; if you're moving different characters to different Worlds, however, you'll need to perform separate transactions for each destination World.

Some points worth remembering: you'll have to leave your Free Company (guild) and remove any items you have up for sale on your original World's market boards, and you may not be able to bring all of your gil with you if you're particularly well off. It's also important to remember that if you're on a Legacy World (i.e. those designed for players returning from Final Fantasy XIV version 1.0) you initially won't be able to transfer; that functionality will come later.

Elsewhere in the game, Halloween -- sorry, "All Saints' Wake" -- festivities kick off this Friday October 18 and run until Friday November 1. Special NPCs known as Shifty Thespians will be available in the city-states and have themed holiday quests available to perform for exclusive rewards. Following that, the public FATE quest featuring Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning will go live on November 14; here, you'll be able to team up with Lightning in order to earn some Final Fantasy XIII-themed gear and weapons if you do your part in completing the mission.

Further information on the World Transfer service is forthcoming via the game's Lodestone service, so keep an eye on that for the latest news. And if you're looking for a fresh server to come and play on, I hear Ultros is lovely this time of year.

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