FIFA 16 – FUT Beginner’s Guide, How to Earn Coins

FIFA 16 – FUT Beginner’s Guide, How to Earn Coins

How to build the ultimate team and earn coins without spending cash in FIFA 16.

With the return of the world’s favorite sports franchise, now is the time for you to get a head start on mastering FIFA 16’s legendary online experience known as FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT. When you enter the mode for the first time, the game prompts you to name your Ultimate Team, and then presents you with a randomly generated roster; the team name can be changed at any time.

Notice how the players on your roster are displayed on bronze, silver and gold cards? Players should get to know the skill sets of their gold players in particular, as they will be the early leaders on the team, and it is best to build around them.

FUT ranks players in gold, silver and bronze cards. Players ranked 0-64 will appear on bronze cards, 65-74 ranked players will appear on silver cards and players that fall in a rank between 75-99 are gold. This is a simple way for FIFA to present prospects for easy sorting. With all of the transactions required in FUT, being able to instantly identify your star players saves time you could spend on the field. Remember, if you buy packs of a specific color, only players in that color’s rank range will appear, so save your coins for better packs where you can.

The Importance of Chemistry

One of the largest factors in FUT is team chemistry. When viewing your active squad, notice the colored lines between all neighboring players on the pitch. The colors will display as red, green and yellow. Use these connections to monitor the level of chemistry among your players. Players with the most chemistry will be linked with green lines. Players with a bit less chemistry but similar attributes will be connected with yellow. Finally, a red line designates little to no chemistry.

Chemistry is measured based on the players’ nationalities, the league from which the players hail and what club the players compete for. Lack of chemistry can lead to miscommunication on the pitch and defensive breakdowns. To save time, rather than substituting your entire roster in and out to determine the best equation for chemistry, use the player preview tool, which not surprisingly, shows how the change in the starting 11 would affect the color of the chemistry temperature if a particular player is inserted into the lineup.

Earning Coins

After getting to know your roster a bit, head to the store in the FUT main menu. At the start of your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team career, you will have a balance of 500 coins to work with. Once in the store, check the Browse Packs menu. Open the complimentary packs supplied to you. Check your haul for high-ranking players and consumable assets like kits, stadiums and managers. If you receive a player or asset in a pack that you feel you have no use for, select Quick Sell in the options, and instantly get credited coins back to your account. Conversely, select Send to Club if you intend to keep the player or consumable.

Consumables come in all shapes and sizes, and can be anything from coaches on your staff to the game ball your team uses at home games. FIFA 16 has the ability to sense areas that need improvement on your squad and recommends the activation of certain consumables, like a boost in your fitness rating or help with positioning. Do not brush this off.

Let’s face it, you need coins. The bare bones team FIFA 16 supplies you with simply won’t cut it in competitive online matches. In order to earn coins, it comes down to committing to matches, tournaments and drafts. The natural progression for a player looking to advance the level of his or her Ultimate Team is to start in the single player modes. Do whatever it takes in single player to boost team assets. We are destined to battle other players from around the world for glory, right?

FIFA Points

If you don’t feel like grinding for coins, you have the option to buy FIFA Points, currency used to acquire silver and gold card packs or enter FUT Tournaments. These are available in various amounts for different prices. Think of FIFA Points as the easier way out, or in depending on how you look at things. You’ll quickly amass talented players, but your wallet will take a hit.

FIFA 16 (FUT) Single Player Modes

In single player mode, the game presents you with four options: Single Player Season, Single Player Draft, Single Player Tournament and Team of the Week.

  • In Single Player Season, play in leagues consisting of 10 game seasons, winning coins for match bonuses the whole way.

  • In Single Player Tournaments, select from four ladders of 16 teams in a Road to the Finals atmosphere. Once again, players gain performance-based rewards in the form of coins and FIFA points.

  • In Single Player Draft, players are in a fantasy draft of sorts, with users selecting one per round from a crop of five players at each position. Once the team is complete, the objective is four consecutive victories to earn the top prize and most valuable assets.

  • Beat the designated Team of the Week in the single player menu for even more unlocks and loot.

  • Assets can also be gathered by completing assorted Manager Tasks in the My Club tab of the main menu.

Once a player puts in the work necessary to improve the Ultimate Team through the single player campaign, it is time to take the show to the big stage. The goal is to burst onto the online scene with a tightly bound team of players complimenting each other’s skill sets. The effort put into the grind of tournaments and seasons in search of coins will eventually pay off. We have players on our team from the same countries or clubs positioned correctly and with high skills. We embrace the grind because we love the sport, and appreciate the subtle factors that decide championships. Even greater prizes and glory are in in sight for your Ultimate Team, but there are little to no shortcuts. You must put in the work.

Expert Tip: Use Concept Teams in the Squads tab to brainstorm the virtual pitch. Have a look at how your daydream squad will mesh. Lay them out in their positions and check their chemistry, or even plan a few unstoppable formations. If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail.

To Recap… FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Tips

  • When first starting, go to the store and cash in complimentary packs, then begin to beef up your franchise assets.

  • Chemistry is huge in FUT. Be sure to look for players from the same country, club or league.

  • Lets get coins! Start with single-player game modes in FUT. Use a difficulty you are ready to win on. Obviously, larger prizes are given to competition at higher skill levels, so choose a league right at the edge of your comfort zone.

  • Play hard until the last whistle! Players gain coins and assets from match achievements, so hustle until the finish!

  • Use coins accumulated from seasons, leagues and drafts to purchase players with good chemistry.

  • Bring your new and improved team to the online pitch, and enjoy some of the best gameplay in the wide world of video game sports.

Finally, one of the places where you can cash in on the biggest prizes and best prospects in FUT 16 is in the new FUT Draft mode. Select your team of superstars in a fantasy draft format, then lead them to four consecutive victories to cash out with the top prize. We’ll have more on FUT Draft in a separate feature.

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