FIFA 16 – FUT Draft Guide

FIFA 16 – FUT Draft Guide

Use each player's strengths, and perfect team chemistry to win games!

FUT Draft is the newest offering in the immensely popular Ultimate Team mode in this year’s FIFA 16. With huge prizes at stake, we have everything you need to know before draft day.

If you just started your FUT journey, notice you have been granted a draft token to use in either single player or online drafts. Without a token, the entry fee for a FUT Draft is 15,000 coins, or 300 FIFA Points. For players familiar with how fantasy sports work, the concepts in FUT Draft should seem familiar. If not, read on.

Once you enter the draft, select a difficulty you feel gives you a good chance to win an increasingly difficult four-game series. The largest prizes are awarded to those who win this complete series of games, so don’t get in over your head by selecting a difficulty out of your league.

Now you must choose a formation. Again, play it safe. Do not pick an obscure formation unless you’ve had success with it in previous FIFA games. Something like a 4-3-3 will give you the best chance of capitalizing on the star players in the draft pool.

After locking in your formation, now it’s time to pick a captain from the initial crop of five players. This will be the first time you will need to keep in mind the most influential aspect of Ultimate Team, chemistry. Remember, once you pick your captain, it is up to you to build around him with players from either the same country, club or league. This means that even though a player may not have the highest rating in his group of five at a certain position, it is worth picking him over a more skilled player to avoid miscommunications and breakdowns during the biggest moments of a match. Save time by using the option to preview players in your formation to see how they will affect the chemistry of your starting 11 if drafted.

Fill out your squad, maximizing chemistry the whole way. If you select 11 players and feel a bit skeptical about your team chemistry, take the time to draft your seven subs and five reserves in search of greater chemistry connections. Fresh legs off the bench late in games can make or break your FUT Draft success, so be sure to have guys ready to make an impact off the bench. If you feel good about chemistry after drafting your original 11, go ahead and save time by auto-picking the rest of your subs.

EA says that once you enter FUT Draft, the 15,000 coins you spent to enter will be compensated back to you in different ways. Rather than simply crediting you 15,000 coins if you were to lose your first or second match, players will receive cards, packs and coins reflective of the 15,000 coin price tag. This is to avoid players simply rerunning the draft to farm assets.

Chances are you don’t know the life story of each person on the team. Take the time to look at player styles and tendencies. If you rush into games after the draft there could be devastating consequences. Say for instance you have an open shot late in the game with your right winger. You line it up and strike for what seems like certain victory, but the shot sails weakly over the crossbar because you used the weak foot of your player who is left foot dominant. With this goes your glorious rewards. Bottom line, know your team as much as possible.

Don’t get discouraged if your first FUT Draft team does not win a Draft title. They are randomly selected players, after all. Build your assets back up and get into another draft. You never know when you will draft the unstoppable team of your dreams.

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