FIFA 16 – Mastering Perfect Chemistry in FUT: Hybrid Teams Guide

FIFA 16 – Mastering Perfect Chemistry in FUT: Hybrid Teams Guide

How to create best hybrid team in FUT in FIFA 16.

In FIFA 16, the concept of team chemistry is highly important in ensuring your FUT squad fires on all cylinders. When crafted well, your team should be connecting passes, and scoring opportunities will all be seriously boosted by proper chemistry. Players should pass up on world-class talent based on this factor alone, since all it takes is one poorly timed-turnover to realize the devastating affect poor chemistry can have on not only isolated plays, but entire FUT seasons or tournaments.

It can be easy to overlook, as players with FIFA experience will tend to believe that as long as they have superstars on the pitch, they will have the ability to compensate for any shortcomings that may result from poorly planned chemistry. The FIFA development team worked hard to ensure players who disregard chemistry will be punished. With this in mind, here is a breakdown of chemistry and the different ways to make it work for you.

Team chemistry is built a number of different ways. First and foremost, putting players in their preferred positions is paramount to maximizing chemistry in FUT. At times it can be tempting to align players in different positions in order for them to gel better with teammates, but moving players out of their native positions can cap the level of chemistry possible on your squad.

Chemistry between players is most heavily affected by three main factors, the player’s country of origin, his current active club and the league for which he plays. Depending on the progress of a team, FUT players can choose any of those three factors to build around. For instance, if a FUT squad acquires a gold card player in a pack from the Barclays Premier league, it would be wise to work toward adding more players from this league, ideally ending up with the majority sharing this common attribute. However, things don’t always go according to plan in the fast-paced, ever evolving FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Perfect chemistry can still be achieved through what are known as Hybrid Teams.

By definition, a hybrid team in FUT is comprised of players from multiple regions around the world, with enough in common to maintain stellar chemistry. One of the most common ways to build a proper hybrid team is to split the pitch into two halves of players with good chemistry. This won’t come easy to the majority of FUT players, as excellence in a hybrid team is achieved through extensive research and constant retooling. If players choose to split the pitch in half, each half will need to be equipped with high chemistry players (almost a mini team of their own in a sense), and where the halves connect, the players from different countries or leagues will need their own solid chemistry.

For example, if the left side of a squad is comprised completely of players from the German Bundesliga, and the right side from La Liga in Spain, players will need to find athletes sharing common bonds for neighboring positions, such as center midfielders and center backs. Finding a player like Xabi Alanso, who plays in the German league and is also a Spanish national player would bridge the gap beautifully. A common misconception is that all links between neighboring players need to be green or yellow in order to achieve a perfect chem rating. The illusive 100 rating can still be attained with red connections, as long as each player has at least one green stem to a neighboring position. Once a player puts in the proper research to achieve a highly rated chemistry for a squad, an additional boost can be attained through the selection of a team manager sharing the same trio of traits that affect player chemistry.

Additionally, players found in packs and originally rostered on your FUT team will automatically have good chemistry. Players brought in through the transfer market will need to play at least 10 games to gain chemistry with their new team. This unique feature allows teams to evolve with each other, leading to spectacular plays and epic scoring opportunities.

The chemistry feature in FIFA FUT’16 keeps players on their toes, and rewards good scouting and team development. Now it’s time to decide how you want to approach chemistry and build your team into a family bred for international football domination.

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