FIFA 16 – Team of the Week Guide

FIFA 16 – Team of the Week Guide

Scout the best the world has to offer and win rewards!

If you are looking for one of the most unique experiences in video game sports, look no further than the Team Of The Week challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team, available now in FIFA 16. At the beginning of each week, FIFA 16 will roll out a Team of the Week comprised of players who had huge impacts for their real-world franchises in the week prior. For instance, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo tallied a mind boggling five goals in one single game last week, so it was an easy choice for FIFA to put him on the left wing for the newest Team of the Week.

This game mode is not only a unique and fun way for players to rack up assets in FIFA Ultimate team, but it is also a great way for fans to have an all-inclusive look into which players on the football scene are having break out years for their clubs. Casual players and fans now have a place to compete with the most relevant athletes in the sport.

Similar to many FUT modes, the selection of which skill-level competitors choose from to attack the Team of the Week is crucial. It is no secret that FIFA Ultimate Team is about accumulating maximum assets to be used for team improvement. There are varying entry fees in Team of the Week mode, ranging from 100 coins and under for the lower difficulties, all the way into the thousands for the expert levels. Not surprisingly, the more you trust your skill, and the more you are willing to risk for entry, the more glorious rewards you will receive for leading your FUT team to victory. Losing these matches will not be an end-all for your FUT squad, as FIFA does a good job in FUT modes of reimbursing managers for the cost of entry to events through match bonuses and participation trophies.

Players who enjoy the Team of the Week matches don’t have to stop the fun after playing the Team of the Week for the first time. The good news is that the entry fee is a one-time charge to your FUT coins. The bad news is the rewards and match bonuses players receive for playing the mode are governed and constantly declining each time the mode is replayed. If FUT managers are just a few hundred coins away from being able to purchase a desired pack or player from the marketplace, this mode offers a nice low pressure destination to gain some assets. The declining levels of rewards are obviously implemented to avoid players looking to farm coins with little to no risk.

When all is said and done, Team of the Week matches are a refreshing opportunity for beginners and experts alike to pad their stats and FUT assets each week, all while getting a look at which players around the world are shaking things up in the real-world version of the sport. Experienced players take the chance to scout the starters and subs on the Team of the Week squad, as these players will most likely see progressive changes to their rankings, thus making them more valuable assets in the FUT marketplace. If a FUT manager feels weak at a certain position, he or she can try to get a good deal on a player whose arrow is pointing up. With this being the case, FUT players everywhere should take advantage of both the valuable information provided in the mode, as well as the tangible assets gained from participating in Team of the Week matches.

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