FIFA 17: How to Score on a Penalty Kick

FIFA 17: How to Score on a Penalty Kick

Here's how to kick a penalty in FIFA 17.

If you've read our review of FIFA 17, then you already know this game isn't exactly a copy-paste job of FIFA 16.For starters, FIFA 17's set-pieces have been re-written. Among other things, this means scoring on a penalty kick is a little more complicated than what you might be used to. But with a little practice and our scoring technique, you can still succeed with every opportunty for a penalty kick that comes your way.

Incidentally, if you're currently scouring the pitch for help of all kinds, our collection of tips, hints, and guides for FIFA 17 is what you're looking for.

1. Push left stick to start the run

2. Point the left stick toward the right or left part of the net

3. Charge up your shot to around the midpoint of the gauge.

You can also try faking out the goalkeeper by going down the middle. Practice makes perfect, so keep trying! Even video game soccer experts need big quantities of patience.

You can't dominate FIFA 17 on penalty kicks alone, though. Learn the best formation for scoring lots of goals, as well as how to score on a free kick and the game's best players.

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