FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Beginner's tips

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Beginner's tips

How to get started on the road to being the Jose Mourinho of your living room.

Every beginning is hard, and the same is true of Ultimate Team. Your dream team is out there, but it's far away and you need to start somewhere. Let our beginner's tips get you on the road to a truly robust team - for more insight, head to the main FIFA 17 Ultimate Team guide.

Get off to a good start in Ultimate Team

Playing the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 17 requires both time and money. Building your dream team costs a lot of coins and isn't something that can be done within a few days. Ultimate Team is a long term investment, but don't be intimidated - the hunt for new players and cards is a lot of fun, and it's become one of the most popular elements of contemporary FIFA games. (For more on the other elements, of course, please check our main FIFA 17 tips and guide.)

Ultimate Team has been part of FIFA for years, debuting way back in FIFA 09.

The beginning of your Ultimate Team career should focus on games against the AI. You can play individual games, tournaments or even a whole season. There isn't much you can do wrong if you have a good team - you can see how well your team performs on the field as well as the harmony between your players.

There are a few things you should avoid: fouls, cards, offside and goals against you. These negatively influence the amount of coins you receive at the end of a game. Play fair and well, so that you're rewarded with the greatest amount of coins. Like every year, you can complete some managing challenges that also show you the different aspects of Ultimate Team. This time you will be rewarded with coins or additional cards each time you beat one of these challenges. This is a great way to get you off to a good start, and one that you shouldn't overlook.

Team chemistry is important when building your team. Changes within the team, new players or other formations all influence team chemistry. If new players that you got through sets don't help you at all, it's better to sell them for 100 - 200 coins more than their standard price on the transfer market. Use the extra coins to find a replacement that does fit into your team.

For strikers it's best to get somebody at a gold level, since you want to score goals. Good ratings in headers or shots are helpful. You should pay attention to how tall header experts are and wingers should be fast. For the goalkeeper a silver level will suffice. Once you've got these basics covered, then you can take care of the rest of your team.

Central defenders benefit from good ratings in duels and headers, so they can counter tall opponents when dealing with crosses into the penalty box . Full-backs should have good speed, since they often assist in the attack. And it can never hurt to be able to move quickly.

Once you're up to speed with the basics, you can move on to our more advanced guides to FIFA Ultimate Team.

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