FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Build Your Dream Team In Draft Mode

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Build Your Dream Team In Draft Mode

Create your own dream team and build your best squad in Draft mode.

Do you know what team would tickle all your fancies? You do? With Dream Team you can easily build the team of your dreams in FIFA 17's Ultimate Team mode. The upside is that it's free, the downside is that it's only on paper (well, screen, but not in a way that you can use). We'll also tell you how to find the optimal team composition in Draft Mode. For more advice on building the right team (and earning the coins you'll need to do it) visit our main FIFA Ultimate Team guide.

Build your Dream Team

Everyone has his or her own expectations from teams. The question is if it would work in reality. Dream Squad can help you with that: you can use it at your leisure to create your own dream team. You can choose every player that's available in Ultimate Team - just search for them - and build your team the way you want it. You'll also see how well your players harmonize: your team rating, star value and team chemistry can be clearly viewed without spending a single coin.

From the Dream Squad screen you can immediately look for those particular players on the transfer market. The game will display everything that's on offer. Dream Squad lets you plan your team beforehand without any risks. You can plan and think about line-up and tactics on your own tempo.

Find the right line-up in Draft Mode

Draft Mode pits you offline against the AI or online against human opponents. You don't use your own Ultimate Team in this mode, but that doesn't mean that team building skills aren't important here: you have to prove your skill at building a team.

You choose one of the available line-ups, which you must keep to for the rest of the game. After that there are a lot of options to choose from: you have to pick a captain, and then fill up each position with a handful of available players. Pay attention to everything you normally keep in mind while building a team (as we've already covered in our guide to getting the perfect squad in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team). Make sure that your team chemistry is good and that your players have good connections. It won't work flawlessly, but make do with what you're offered. Once you've chosen your base team, substitutes and reserves, you can change the line-up to correct some small errors.

Draft Mode theoretically includes every player that is available in Ultimate Team, even the Xbox exclusive legends or players from the current Team of the Week. This means you can actually play with some of the best players from FIFA 17's Ultimate Team mode.

You must pay an entry fee to participate in Draft Mode. That costs 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA points. You can also find a Draft Token in card sets, which allows you to participate without paying an entry fee. After the first game in Draft Mode you'll receive a reward that equals your entry fee - even if you lose. The better you play, the better your rewards will be of course - coins or more card sets. It's really worth it if you win all games. Not unlike real football, in fact.

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