FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Earn Coins Trading On The Transfer Market

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Earn Coins Trading On The Transfer Market

Sharp moves on the transfer market can make you a lot of money to build out your team.

The transfer market is one of the core elements of FIFA 17's Ultimate Team mode. You can do many things, like buying and selling cards, and make extra coins in the process - it's absolutely a worthwhile investment of your time. We'll tell you why. You can find more expert tips and advice in our FIFA 17 Ultimate Team guide, and there's a dizzying volume of additional information in the main FIFA 17 guides.

Get coins buying and selling on the transfer market

Gold sets are a rather costly affair in Ultimate Team. 5.000 to 7.500 coins will buy you a random set, with rather low chances of getting a real star player. It simply isn't worth to spend your coins on these sets. There's always the risk that the contents of a set won't help you at all, especially as far as concerns the players.

It's rather frustrating if you can't recuperate the coins you've spent by selling the players on the transfer market. A superstar would bring it a lot of money, but as we've said before chances of finding one are rather slim. You need a lot of luck and shouldn't really expect to find one.

Instead, the best use of the transfer market is to reinforce your team and find new players based on the attributes you have specified. Even if you would like a Messi or Ronaldo on your team, you don't always need superstars. You can also get good results with weaker, but still very good players. Of which there are many to be found. Don't waste money by focusing too much on names. An optimal team composition and team chemistry are much more important.

You can use the transfer market to make more coins by buying and selling smartly. There are many options to choose from. You can focus on one or more, the choice is yours.

  • Every Wednesday the new Team of the Week for Ultimate Team is announced. Many players then open their gold sets, hoping to find a player from the Team of the Week with his special card. However, the opened sets result in a lot of other cards that end up on the transfer market. This means that Wednesday is the day to strike a bargain. The cards of the Team of the Week appear in sets from 7 PM onwards, so keep an eye on the Transfer Market from 7PM-8PM. You can keep your purchased cards for yourself or sell them at a higher price when the prices are stable again.
  • As you know, each player has his own preferred position. You can change that with modification cards, however - and earn a few coins in the process. Select a player and look on which position he is worth most on the transfer market. Buy the player at the cheapest price you can find, use a modification card to change his preferred position to the one that's worth most and then sell him for more coins. Most modification cards do cost a lot of coins by themselves though, so make sure you're going to make a profit on the switch.
  • Another feature of players are the chemistry styles (for more details, head over to our guide on how FUT chemistry works and the best way to use it.) You can give players different styles by using chemistry cards to specialize them. You should give a striker the hunter style for instance. If you find one of these cards, whether in a set or on the transfer market, you should combine it with a good striker to make him even better. That way you can ask more coins for him on the transfer market. Again, make sure that you're going to make a profit if you have to buy both cards.
  • Another possibility is to change both a player's chemistry style and position. But the player and both modification cards and combine them. Then sell the player for more coins. Again, keep your profit in mind.
  • In the EA Football Club you can get contract cards with a duration of 99 games as a bonus. If you combine this with a star player, you can raise his value considerably. You should use this method only on the very best players, however. Pick a particular player (highly sought after players are particularly useful) and check the transfer market for his average price. Once you've determined the average price, look for the same player at a price that's about 10% lower than the average price. Look for offers that will end within the hour and bid on them. Sell the cards you've bought immediately for the average price on the transfer market.
  • You can also buy the same card 20 - 30 times on the transfer market. Put all these cards for a higher price on the transfer market immediately, so that other players who are looking for that particular card will only see your offers on the transfer market. That works well for popular players and for popular managers. Actually, it works for everything that's popular.

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