FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Get the perfect line-up, and good team chemistry and fitness

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Get the perfect line-up, and good team chemistry and fitness

Expert management tips to get the most out of your squad.

The cornerstone of every good Ultimate Team is having the right line-up on the pitch. Without a good line-up you won't have good team chemistry and you won't perform as well on the field. You shouldn't ignore manager, coach and fitness, however. Read on for our advice on the most important elements.

For more guidance, check out our full FIFA 17 Ultimate Team guide, or indeed our main hub of FIFA 17 tips and guides.

Compose your team perfectly and look for good team chemistry

Just like in the Career Mode, a good team composition is crucial in Ultimate Team as well. It won't suffice to just buy the players with the best ratings. You need to coordinate them well, since every player has a preferred position and will get on particularly well with fellow players from the same country.

You'll start off with a team that's far from perfect, with players from different nations. Any problems in your team will be immediately obvious, as indicated by the color of the lines that connect your players and by different symbols.

First you have to decide on a country from which you want to pick all or the most of your players. This allows you to easily buy players on the transfer market. There's no point in throwing money around to buy card sets - their contents are too random, so you can't reliably get players you need. It's more sensible to scour the transfer market for new players. (It's a good way to earn cash, too - check out our guide to earning coins trading on the transfer market.

Creating a bronze level team that works well together doesn't take all that long. The players on this level are pretty cheap, and in the end team chemistry is more important than the overall score of your team. The higher your FUT team's team chemistry, the better your players perform on the field: they'll pass better and run more efficiently.

After nationality, the next most important thing for team harmony is the league and the club. An optimal midfield consists of players of the same nationality, league and club, which isn't always possible. Of course you can put an English player in the midfield, but he won't get any bonuses for league or club if he plays abroad. For an optimal (green) connection, at least two attributes should match with those of the adjacent player. Since the overall score of your team isn't critical, a weaker team with 100 points in team chemistry may still perform well against stronger teams.

Manager, trainer and fitness are important as well

It's not just the players on the team who contribute towards team chemistry - your manager and coach play a role as well. They can still raise the team chemistry value if you don't want to change your team, for instance.

Make sure that your coach has the same nationality as the majority of your players. Managers prefer a specific formation, so make sure it matches with the one you've chosen for your team. If you don't find a fitting one, keep an eye on modification cards in the auction house. These allow you to change a manager's favorite formation.

If you often use fitness cards, you should enlist fitness staff, since they have a positive influence on the usage of these cards. There's a basic choice at the end of the day, though: do you want to use fitness cards or create a second team? If your base team is tired, you can let your other team fall in for your best players. That way they can rest and prepare for upcoming games. It's a more complicated solution, but you're almost certain to find enough replacement players from the same country - and using fitness cards might cost you more coins in the long run.

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