FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Guide and Tips: Build your team, earn coins, use the transfer market

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Guide and Tips: Build your team, earn coins, use the transfer market

Everything you need to know about the beloved game mode.

Ultimate Team is still one of the most popular game modes in FIFA. This probably won't change anytime soon as it scratches the collector's itch and calls forth childhood memories of collecting stickers. In Ultimate Team you collect virtual cards with which you build teams of different levels (gold, silver, bronze) or which you simply mix.

It sounds easy enough, but it's a bit more complicated than just collecting a few players. You need to keep a few things in mind while building your team, like the nationalities of your players. Harmony in your team is important and your players need a good chemistry. If the mood is bad and your players don't like each other, they won't perform very well on the field.

Find out more in our main FIFA 17 tips and guide index.

The following pages introduce the Ultimate Team mode and provide some helpful tips. Looking for tips on how to build your team, how to get coins and what to do on the transfer market? We've got you covered.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - The best tips and tricks

Beginner's tips to get you started

New to Ultimate Team? Don't really know what you can do in the game mode? No problem, our beginner's tips show you basics and tell you what Ultimate Team is all about.

Go to: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Beginners' tips

The perfect line-up, good team chemistry and fitness

A good team composition is the cornerstone of success in Ultimate Team. You should pay attention to your line-up, work towards a good team chemistry and keep an eye on your players' fitness.

Go to: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Get the perfect line-up, good team chemistry and fitness

Change players the way you want, renew contracts and use players on loan

Players have their preferred positions, but these aren't written in stone. You can make some changes in order to include your favorite player in your team. You should keep good players close to you and if necessary you can always use a player on loan.

Go to: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - How to change players, renew contracts and get players on loan

How to earn coins

Without coins there isn't much you can do in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. And depending on which players you wish, it might cost a bit more. We show you how you earn coins and what the best method is.

Go to: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - How to Earn coins

Trade smartly and correctly on the transfer market and earn more coins

The transfer market is one of the most important elements of Ultimate Team. You buy and sell players there, for your team and to increase your virtual riches. We'll show you how to trade correctly.

Go to: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - How to earn more coins trading on the transfer market

Build Dream Squad and line up team in Draft Mode Dream Squad allows you to build and plan your dream team. Draft Mode challenges your ability to manage a team, since you're only allowed to pick from a handful of players.

Go to: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Build Dream Squad and build team in Draft Mode

Beat Squad Build Challenges and take on FUT Champions

Squad Build Challenges are a new addition to FIFA 17. They can give you more rewards, but also permanently remove cards from your club. FUT Champions allows you to take on the best of the best - if you're ready.

Go to: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - Beat Squad Build Challenges and take on FUT Champions

How to best use chemistry styles

In Ultimate Team, chemistry styles allow you to specialize your players and increase certain stats. You need to know which styles are the best for which position, and why you should only use them for certain types of players.

Go to: FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - How chemistry works and the best chemistry for every position

With luck, the pages above will have you whipping up a strong FUI team in no time, without bankrupting yourself spending real-life money on non-existent football coins. Just remember, if somebody offers you coins for free, it's definitely a scam...

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