FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - How to Change Players, Renew Contracts and Loan Players

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - How to Change Players, Renew Contracts and Loan Players

How to personalize your team and keep your key performers where you need them to be.

Desperately want a player, but don't have a space for him on you team? That shouldn't be a problem, because you can change positions. You should also renew contracts and use players on loan. In this guide, we'll tell you just how you can do it. For more advice check the other pages of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team guide, and our main hub of FIFA 17 guides and tips.

Player modification and contracts

Ever player in FUT has a favorite position in which he's most effective. You should, unsurprisingly, let him play on that position to get the most out of him. If you're already got that position covered with another player, though, you can magically reprogram the newcomer using modification cards that you buy on the transfer market.

These allow you to change the favorite positions of your players. If the preferred position of your favorite player is already occupied, you can still use modification cards to give him a spot on your team. Keep your eyes peeled for the cards you need. In addition, each player will only be able to play for a certain number of games, as his contract will run out - you can check the duration of your players' contract by using the right stick in the team line-up menu.

Every game reduces the duration of the contract by one. If no games remain, you need to use the right contract cards to renew your player's contract. You find these cards in sets on the transfer market, too: there are separate contract cards for bronze, silver and gold levels.

These don't differ too much in price on the transfer market. You can also buy gold contracts and use them for your bronze and silver players - the advantage of doing this is that the gold cards increase the contract duration much more than their bronze and silver counterparts.

If you're looking for contract cards, it's best not to scour the transfer market during prime time (that is to say, when everybody else is playing). Many players are online and will easily outbid you. It's smarter to use the web app or companion app for FIFA 17 to keep an eye on the transfer market at quieter times - like during the day when everybody's at work and the kids are at school. (Note that this is unlikely to work during school holidays, so expect much greater competition at Christmas. For more advice, hit up our guide to making coins on the transfer market).

If a player's contract is coming to an end and you can't (or won't) renew it immediately, the best bet is to stick them on the reserve bench. This way you can save the best players for the most important matches - their contact duration will only reduce when they're actually on the field. The same is true of substitutes - which means you should be careful when switching players out. Putting somebody into play at the 89th minute still counts as one game off their contract, and let's be honest - they aren't all that likely to turn the game around. Keep your eye on the long game, and don't be tempted by a short-term boost that could do lasting damage to your team.

Get cheap boost from players on loan

For useful and cheap support in Ultimate Team you can rely on getting players on loan. They don't cost you any coins, but you can only use them for a certain amount of time and you can't renew their contracts - so save your players on loan for special occasions like important games in tournaments, during a season or online.

Once their contract is ended they'll leave your team. You can get many players on loan as a reward, but some are only unlockable through EA Football Club. The higher your level in Football Club, the better the available players on loan.

However, their quality also influences the time you can borrow them for. The better the player on loan, the shorter the duration of his contract. And like all unlocks in Football Club you can only use them once, so you can't recruit the same player on loan again and again.

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