FIFA on the Switch Still Not Called FIFA 18

So what's the deal with FIFA on the Switch?

EA's line-up of games EA Play attendees will be able to demo at their annual E3 adjacent event was published online today. With a few exceptions, a majority of the titles present at the event will be sports games like Madden and NBA, as well as FIFA 18. Additionally, attendees can play FIFA SPORTS for the Switch in a sign that the Nintendo entry of the FIFA franchise will differ greatly from the its counterparts.


EA SPORTS FIFA was first announced back in February as part of the Nintendo Switch’s third-party line-up. Since then, sports game fans have puzzled over whether or not the Switch FIFA game will be a proper FIFA title on the new Nintendo console, or another B-League entry on a Nintendo console.

A widely circulated interview with then EA Competition Chief Peter Moore revealed that the Switch FIFA title will be FIFA 18, and that it will come out at the same time as the other FIFA 18 versions on Nintendo’s console rivals. And aside from the caveat that FIFA 18 will be custom-built for the Switch hardware, the game will be developed at EA Vancouver, the traditional dev team for the FIFA games.

Four months after the FIFA 18 name started becoming widely attached to the Switch FIFA game, it’s still being referred to vaguely by its placeholder name while FIFA 18 is reserved for separate console entries. USgamer reached out to EA for clarification, but were only told that this is the same game that was announced back in February, the same one Moore called FIFA 18, but still referred to as EA FIFA Sports.

Whether FIFA on the Switch will eventually be called 18 or not, the Switch version of the game will most likely offer a separate experience than one that will be found on either the PS4 or Xbox One. At an earnings call earlier this month, EA told investors that they were still “bullish” on the Switch, but offered no other announcements or clarification.

Other games at EA Play, which runs a fan festival from June 10th - 12th, will be Star Wars Battlefront 2, along with a host of other mobile Star Wars games developed by EA.

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