FIFA 18 Fans Are Calling for a Black Friday Boycott So That EA Will #FixFIFA

FIFA 18 Fans Are Calling for a Black Friday Boycott So That EA Will #FixFIFA

Complaints surrounding FIFA 18's Weekend League has led to a massive grassroots campaign against EA.

If you're a player of FIFA 18's massively popular Ultimate Team mode, then you might be facing untold hours of game time just to have a chance at earning top prizes in the limited event known as Weekend League. The commitment required of the Weekend League has gotten to the point where players are now calling for a Black Friday boycott in hopes that EA relaxes some of the requirements needed to enjoy one of FIFA Ultimate Team's most popular event.

In a reddit post published seven days ago, user "TheShearerComplex" publically asked the subreddit to boycott any Black Friday sales EA might host for FIFA Points, the in-game currency for the game. The boycott is being called in hopes that the players can send a message to EA to address their complaints with Weekend League, calling for EA to extend the days which the Weekend League are hosted. TheShearerComplex cites the fact that EA can already extend Weekend League in the case of a technical emergency, so why not just make the extensions permanent?

As it stands, FIFA 18's Ultimate League is a two-day event where the best players compete for the best prizes, but at a brutal time commitment. Players have to play 40 matches over the course of a weekend, which is over 13 hours of game time if each match takes 20 minutes. That's not including the in-between game maintenance which basically turns the Weekend League into a full-time ordeal. A pretty demanding ordeal for something meant to be entertainment.

Players of the Weekend League have come forward and began sharing stories online about how this once innocuous pastime has come to devour their weekends and taking them away from their loved ones and other hobbies. In a report by Eurogamer, several FIFA Ultimate Team players have described how demanding the Weekend League has become.

"I'm not trying to be a competitive FIFA player," Jaimie (TheShearerComplex) told the site, "However, asking players to play six to seven hours a day over the weekend when it can easily be spread out doesn't seem like a sensible approach."

Jaimie's reddit post calling for a boycott has seemingly opened the floodgates holding in much of the complaints held by the FIFA playing community. There's now a visible #FixFIFA social media campaign roiling reddit and Twitter. While extending the Weekend League is a centerpiece of the #FixFIFA campaign, players are demanding changes in other aspects of the game such as loot drops from buying player packs, lackluster post-launch patches, and other complaints you can read about in the master #FixFIFA thread.

On Twitter, FIFA fans are tweeting at @EASPORTSFIFA with the #FixFIFA hashtag to make their voices heard. Meanwhile, some players are changing their in-game team names to #FixFIFA to further spread the hashtag campaign.

The grassroots campaign is hoping that by boycotting any Black Friday deals EA might push for FIFA Points, it will impact sales enough to get EA to listen to their complaints.

We've reached out to EA for a comment on the boycott situation.

In the meantime, you can read the full Eurogamer report to get the full picture of how the Weekend League has become such an issue among FIFA 18's most dedicated fanbase.

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