FIFA 18 is Finally in the EA Access Vault, Same Day FIFA 19 Releases

FIFA 18 is Finally in the EA Access Vault, Same Day FIFA 19 Releases

FIFA Late-een, more like.

After a whole year, and many months after EA Access subscribers expected FIFA 18 to be added to the EA Access vault on Xbox One and Origin Access vault on PC, the game is now available. It's unclear why EA's soccer game took so long to arrive, but the World Cup DLC must certainly have played a part.

EA Access members can rejoice, or at least perform an acknowledging nod, as FIFA 18 is now available to download and play in full. Subscribers to EA's service, which provides trials to new EA releases and full access to slightly older titles, had almost given up hope of ever seeing the game, although EA had previously stated it would arrive before the end of September.

FIFA 18 is a fine game, but FIFA 19 plays better.

The addition of World Cup 2018 DLC, which was free to download, no doubt had an impact on FIFA 18 being added to the subscription service's catalog. Had that DLC cost money, we may have seen a different outcome.

The EA Access Reddit is full of players unhappy with how EA handled the game's availability, with some saying they aren't going to subscribe again. Releasing FIFA 18 today on the same day FIFA 19 releases is a slightly odd move by EA, perhaps giving players a reason to settle for 18 instead of handing over the cash for the new release.

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