FIFA 19 Enter the Underworld SBC Solution - Rewards, Cheap Solution

FIFA 19 Enter the Underworld SBC Solution - Rewards, Cheap Solution

FUT Ultimate Scream is now live, and adds a handful of Halloween SBCs into the mix. Here’s everything you need to know about the Enter the Underworld SBC.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Scream is now live in the game. It brings a host of spooky new features to FUT, including a new set of boosted players and some nightmarish SBCs. It's the SBCs we'll be focusing on today, specifically the Enter the Underworld SBC in FUT 19. In this FIFA 19 Enter the Underworld SBC Guide, we'll list the requirements, rewards and solution associated with the new Halloween SBC. We'll be giving you a cheap way to solve it, so that you can get your hands on some pretty awesome rewards as easily as possible.

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FIFA 19 FUT Enter the Underworld SBC

Thanks to the FIFA 19 Halloween Ultimate Scream event that is currently live in FUT, there are a couple of new SBCs to tackle. One of the best is the Enter the Underworld SBC, which sees players hitting specific requirements to earn a pretty awesome reward. Let's check out the full details.

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FIFA 19 Enter the Underworld SBC Requirements

We've listed the requirements you'll need to satisfy in order to complete the Enter the Underworld SBC. They're pretty demanding, but with a little scouting and some clever market trading you'll have it sorted in no time.

  • America de Cali Players: Min. 1
  • Lincoln City Players: Min. 1
  • Players from same nation: Max. 3
  • Team Overall Rating: Min.74
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 80
  • Number of players in the squad: 11

FIFA 19 Enter the Underworld Solution

Now that you know the requirements that you need to meet in order to beat the Enter the Underworld SBC, we're going to show you how to do it. This solution is relatively cheap at the time of writing, though be aware that the market is subject to change over time.

  • GK: Pau Lopez
  • LB: Cote
  • CB: Alvaro
  • CB: Murillo
  • RB: Arias
  • CDM: Bernal
  • CM: Coquelin
  • CM: Doughty
  • ST: Akinde
  • ST: Kalinic
  • RW: Correa

FIFA 19 Enter the Underworld Rewards

Now that you know how to build and complete the Halloween SBC, here's what all your effort has been for. We've listed the rewards for completing the FIFA 19 Enter the Underworld SBC, below:

  • 1x Premium Players Pack

If you're looking for help with FIFA 19, we've got a full FIFA 19 guide. If you'd rather hop directly to one of our specific guides, we've got them all for you just below.

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