FIFA 19 Kick Off Mode Trailer Shows Off New Options, Including Long Shots Count Double

Survival, first to three, and iconic cup finals are all on the table.

EA has released a brand new FIFA 19 trailer showcasing the overhauled Kick-Off Mode. It seems that this year’s iteration will come packed with a bunch of custom modes and options for players to enjoy, including first to three, a survival mode where you lose a player after conceding, long shots counting double, and the chance to replay cup finals from tournaments past.

You can check out the trailer below, which shows off some of the new modes in action. They will all be available via the standard Kick-Off menu, with players able to fine tune their matches. As well as the options listed above, it’s now possible to set up an advantage for either team, evening the playing field for pals at different skill levels. There are detailed player tracking stats too, showing the results and stats of previous grudge matches. This data can be transferred between consoles, so you’ll be able to log every match you play with your friends.

The new Kick-Off options are just the start of the new features set to arrive alongside FIFA 19. There is a new Timed Finish system which allows players more control over shooting, more detailed tactical options, and a tweaked Active Touch system. The new trailer comes just days after further details on FIFA 19’s campaign were released. The Journey: Champions will focus on three protagonists: Alex Hunter, Danny Williams, and Kim Hunter.

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