English Soccer Player Complains His FIFA 19 Pace Scores are Lower Than His Real Speed

Age discrimination.

Kevin Ellison, A professional soccer player for the Morecambe FC is protesting is pace score in FIFA 19 and is appealing EA to improve his score, by shaming his slow teammates.

In a video posted to Morecambe FC's official YouTube channel, the League Two Winger is shown strapping on a pace monitor to record his speeds during training. He then compares his actual speed scores with those of his teammates to see who deserves higher pace scores in FIFA 19.

For example, Ellison clocks in a 33.03 KMPH but averages a 35 pace score on FIFA 19. Meanwhile his teammate Andy Fleming clocks in slower at 31.82 yet has a 72 pace score on FIFA 19. Ellison points out a few more slowpokes on his team with higher pace score than him on FIFA 19 and is calling EA Sports out.

On Twitter Ellison is calling foul over age discrimination although it's hard to tell if that's a joke. The whole thing though is a rather funny way to highlight the fact that EA Sports probably isn't scouting every player in the English Football League and getting the stats for every player down the pyramid.

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