FIFA 19 Switch vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison Reveals a Quietly Strong Port

FIFA 19 Switch vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison Reveals a Quietly Strong Port

A good shot.

FIFA 19 is coming out in a few days for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (available now for EA Premier members) and as always, it's a question of which version of the game you want most. For the best home experience, you'll probably want a PS4, Xbox One, or PC version, but for players on the go the Switch might not be a bad choice either. And for graphic enthusiasts, a new comparison video reveals that the Switch version might not lag far behind its counterparts.

In a graphics comparison video by GameXplain comparing the Switch version of FIFA 19 with the Xbox One version, you can see that aside from deeper details on the Xbox One version, the Switch version appears to run just as smoothly. Yes, the snow effects aren't as rich on the Switch version but things like character movements appear crisp and fluid on both versions.

On a green field that difference is even less noticeable as both versions look and perform fairly similarly. EA says that after FIFA 18 on the Switch the development team was prepared to make even more improvements to the Switch version for FIFA 19.

There is the matter of the character models. While sports games are notorious for how it portrays real-life sports stars in its games (NFL stars even complained to EA about their Madden likenesses), the models in FIFA 19 for both Switch and Xbox One could stand to be better. And between the two the Switch character models could use more help, though not by much.

Our review of FIFA 19 praised the inclusion of the Champions League, but more than that how the refinements to the controls offer new complexity to the game overall. Check out our FIFA 19 guide to help get started when the newest soccer sim comes out on September 28 for everyone.

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