FIFA 19’s Campaign Focuses Partly on the United States Women’s National Team

You’ll be able to switch between three characters: Alex, Danny and Kim at any time during the campaign.

EA has revealed a brand new trailer for The Journey: Champions, the campaign mode for FIFA 19. It is set to conclude the story of Alex Hunter, which has spanned two games so far. This year’s campaign will shift the focus slightly to include three main characters: Alex Hunter, Danny Williams and Kim Hunter, with the latter focusing on the United States Women’s National Team.

All three characters have appeared previously, with Danny Williams being Alex’s best friend while Kim is his half-sister. According to a press release accompanying the new trailer, you’ll be able to switch between all three characters at any time. The three stories will intertwine and occur simultaneously, with Danny Williams at Manchester United, Alex Hunter at Real Madrid (he’s part of the official squad now after all), and Kim Hunter representing the United States at the Women's World Cup.

The Journey has been EA’s first foray into a story-driven FIFA campaign. It has followed Alex Hunter on his journey from young prospect to fully-fledged superstar. The Journey: Champions is leveraging the return of the UEFA Champions League to FIFA, and will see both Alex and Danny Williams competing for the prestigious trophy.

Women’s football fans will no doubt be thrilled at seeing Kim Hunter represent one of the three main storylines in the game, especially seeing as women's teams had been completely absent from the series up until FIFA 16.

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