FIFA 20: Can You Play Volta Online With Friends?

FIFA 20: Can You Play Volta Online With Friends?

Volta is the flagship new mode for FIFA 20. But can you play it online?

FIFA 20 adds a lot in terms of new content when compared to last year. There’s a brand new dynamic potential system, an updated press conference mechanic and even a brand new mode. Volta is the new kid on the block, serving as a spiritual successor of sorts to FIFA Street. You can set up games of 3v3, 4v4, and more, using wall-bounces and flair to best your opponent. One area of confusion that has cropped up regarding FIFA 20 Volta is whether or not you can play it online. We’ll answer that question, and whether you can play Volta with friends in this guide.

Can You Play Volta Online?

Given that Volta is the flagship new mode for FIFA 20, you’d expect EA to be pushing it with full features. Unfortunately it seems as though this isn’t the case as you cannot currently play Volta online against players online. You can’t set up online friendlies, or start teams with your pals.

Can You Play Volta With Friends Online?

Similarly to playing online against other players, you can’t jump into Volta and play with friends online. The only multiplayer functionality right now is the couch co-op that can be done locally. If we hear any news of EA adding in online features to Volta, we’ll update this page.

Will EA Add Online to Volta in the Future?

FIFA has very much become a games as a service over the last few years. Gameplay and player ratings are constantly updated, and in some circumstances new features for existing modes can be patched in. Currently, there is no official word from EA as to whether it will be adding online to Volta, though if things change we’ll update this page.

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