FIFA 20 Career Mode is Finally Getting Some Major Updates

FIFA 20 Career Mode is Finally Getting Some Major Updates

You're one bad press answer away from an unhappy team.

FIFA 20's Career Mode is getting some meaty updates, including throwing you into the 24-hour sports news cycle. The focus this year seems to be on player morale and keeping your team happy, often through what you say off the pitch.

Press conferences are getting expanded this year, with opportunities both before and after a match to answer questions from the press. Depending on the answers that your manager gives during press conferences, not only will the tone of the in-game journalists' coverage fluctuate, but your players' morale will be affected as well. Some react well to criticism, while others deal better when praised or motivated.

Alongside pressers, you can also have one-on-one Player Conversations, which amount to essentially text messages, but can also keep up player morale. According to the EA blog post, morale will influence a player's attributes in upcoming matches, so making the right call and taking the right tone could be just as important as fielding a solid team. This is especially important in light of the new dynamic player progression system, which sees the potential for stat improvements fluctuate depending on performance on the pitch.

To augment the updated press conferences, your manager's avatar is now fully customizable, from face and hair to their style of clothing. In a series first, you'll also be able to choose between being a male or female avatar, which is pretty awesome. There are also some extra touches coming, like new places to negotiate your big player trades and a redesigned team management layout.

But it seems like the key to success on the pitch this year is handling things well off the pitch. Picking your words carefully will be key to keeping your players happy and eager to score, so make sure you know how to manage them.

FIFA took a hit this year in its competition with fellow soccer game PES, losing the Juventus license. But otherwise, the new entry in the ongoing FIFA franchise seems pretty interesting, especially the FIFA Street revival in 20's Volta mode. That mode won't be making it to the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 20 however, as it seems like Electronic Arts still isn't keen on bringing its full catalogue to the Nintendo handheld hybrid, settling for a "legacy" version instead.

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