FIFA 20 Celebrations Controls: All New Celebrations and Finishing Moves

FIFA 20 Celebrations Controls: All New Celebrations and Finishing Moves

Learn how to show off in style with this FIFA 20 Celebrations Guide.

With FIFA 20, EA has made welcomed changes to the tried and tested formula we’re used to. There are new modes, and a greater emphasis on pace and ball control. Some things haven’t changed much though, including the list of celebrations available to you after you score. We’ve detailed all of the new celebrations that have been added into FIFA 20, alongside all of the controls for the rest of the main goal celebrations.

Celebrations Controls For PS4 and Xbox One

In the list below, we’ve included the control inputs for the main goal celebrations available in FIFA 20. Later on in the article, we’ll also highlight the new ones that have been added in this year.

CelebrationPS4 InputXbox Input
Thumb SuckHold SquareHold X
Arms OutTap Square Then Hold SquareTap X then Hold X
Wrist FlickTap Triangle and then hold triangleTap Y and then hold Y
AeroplaneHold R3Hold RS
Point to the SkyHold RS UpHold RS Up
Shhhhhh!Hold RS RightHold RS Right
TelephoneHold RS downHold RS down
Can You Hear Me?Hold RS left Hold RS left
Hands OutFlick RS right then hold RS leftFlick RS right then hold RS left
Come On!Flick RS left then Hold RS RightFlick RS left then Hold RS Right
Blow Kisses Flick RS down then hold RS UpFlick RS down then hold RS Up
Double Arm SwingFlick RS Up then hold RS downFlick RS Up then hold RS down
Flying BirdFlick RS right then hold RS rightFlick RS right then hold RS right
Hand On HeadFlick RS left then hold RS leftFlick RS left then hold RS left
Heart SymbolFllick RS down then hold RS downFllick RS down then hold RS down
Arms pointing upFlick RS up then hold RS upFlick RS up then hold RS up

Here are the New Celebrations That Have Been Added This Year

A new year means new FIFA Celebrations. Here are all of the new ones added as of FIFA 20:

New CelebrationPS4 InputXbox Input
ScissorsHold L1 Press SquareHold LB Press X
ChallengeHold L2 Double Tap SquareHold LT Tap X
Twist Flip (agile players) or Spinning FrogHold L2 Spin RSHold LT spin RS
One EyeHold R2 Press R3Hold RT Press RS
SwaggerHold R1 double tap CircleHold RB double tap B
NailbiterHold R2 hold RS upHold RT hold RS up
PigeonHold R1 press R3Hold RB press RS
Guitar DanceHold R1 Flick RS Up UpHold RB Flick RS Up Up
Knee SlideHold R1 RS flick left leftHold RB RS flick left left
Speed WalkHold L2 RS flick right rightHold LT RS flick right right
Hand Spring (Agile Players) or Power SlideHold L1 spin RSHold LB spin RS

How to Do a Random Celebration

If you don’t want to memorize a bunch of input controls, you can trigger a random celebration instead. All you need to do is hit circle/B and the game will pick you a random celebration.

You Can Also Do a Signature Celebration

Some players will also have a signature celebration that can be triggered. To do so, just hit X/A. This will pick the player’s signature celebration if they have one, or a default one for those that don’t.

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