FIFA 20 Division Rivals Weekly Reset, Rewards and Tiers

FIFA 20 Division Rivals Weekly Reset, Rewards and Tiers

Here’s what you need to know about FIFA 20’s Division Rivals mode.

FIFA 20 adds a bunch of new features to the long-running football series. There are new modes, gameplay mechanics, and a new emphasis on defending. Some things have only been tweaked slightly, like the fan favorite Division Rivals mode. There’s a fair bit to learn too, though it’s worth it for the rewards that are available. To help you get to grips with Division Rivals, we’ve detailed everything you need to know, on this page.

When Does Division Rivals Refresh?

Each week, you’ll need to compete in matches of Division Rivals to obtain a weekly score. This score will reset though, so you’ll need to know when you should be getting games in. Division Rivals refreshes every Thursday at 7am UK time/11p.m wednesday for PT time.

Placement Matches

Division Rivals is part of FIFA Ultimate Team. It can be accessed via the FUT menu. You’ll need to play five games at first to get your weekly placement. Don’t worry if you lose against players with higher rated teams, as the game will still take this added difficulty into account. After the five placement matches are over, you cannot play again, and you’ll be given a final skill rating, which determines your division.

Divisions and Points Per Win

There are ten divisions that you can place in when playing Division Rivals in FIFA 20. Each has its own required skill rating, and a points multiplier per win. The higher the division, the higher the value your points will be multiplied by when you win. See the table below for more details.

DivisionSkill Rating RequiredPoint Multiplyer on win
DIV 12400x25.0
DIV 22200x12.5
DIV 31900x6.2
DIV 41600x4.0
DIV 51200x3.2
DIV 6800x2.5
DIV 7500x2.0
DIV 8250x1.5
DIV 9100x1.2
DIV 101020 Pts per win

How Does Matchmaking Work?

FIFA 20’s matchmaking is generally pretty fair in Division Rivals. You’ll first be matched with a player around the same skill rating as you, preferably in the same location. If this is not possible, the matchmaking might pair you with someone higher than your skill. This shouldn’t worry you however, as the potential skill rating increase will be higher on a win.

K Factor and Skill Rating: How Do You Move Divisions?

As you saw in the table above, each division has an associated skill rating requirement to reach it. Your skill rating is determined by your performance in each game: if you lose it will go down, if you win it will go up. How much it increases and decreases depends on something called a K-factor. This is a standard equation used to determine the difference in skill levels between two players. You don’t really need to know how it is calculated, just that if you beat better opponents, your skill rating increase will be higher. Inversely, if you beat someone at a lower level than you, you’ll gain a lower skill rating increase.

Weekend League and FUT Champions

Playing matches in Division Rivals will earn you Champions Points. These are then used to enter the Weekend League. Your performance here will be rewarded, with better rewards associated with a better performance. Champions Points are also awarded based on your performance at the end of the week.

What Are the Rewards?

Even if you don’t compete in the Weekend League, you’ll still get some rewards. This will be based on how you perform, and range from player packs to loan players and chemistry cards. Weekend league rewards are different, head here for more info.

That's Division Rivals in FIFA 20. For more help with the game check out our best young players guide. There's also our look at how Career Mode has changed since last year.

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