FIFA 20 Fans Plead to EA as #FixCareerMode Trends on UK Twitter

FIFA 20 Fans Plead to EA as #FixCareerMode Trends on UK Twitter

Players are airing numerous frustrations with FIFA 20's Career Mode.

Fans of the FIFA series had good reason to be excited for this year's update to Career Mode. Ahead of FIFA 20's release, EA promised new features and improvements to the mode while thanking Career Mode devotees for their feedback on previous installments' shortcomings. Now FIFA 20 is out in the wild and players are airing numerous frustrations with the new Career Mode on forums and through the #FixCareerMode hashtag on Twitter.

Though the new Volta mode headlines FIFA 20 and FIFA Ultimate Team still leads the franchise's revenue strategy, EA sought to address Career Mode fans' concerns prior to release. In August, EA released a "pitch notes" update on FIFA 20's Career Mode detailing new mode-exclusive features such as press conferences, player morale systems, and improved manager customization. The post also called out several tweaks and fixes for established Career Mode systems that had issues in FIFA 19.

The new features are indeed present, but a long list of criticisms and bugs posted to the r/FifaCareers subreddit points to issues-both brand new and carried over from past games-that many Career Mode fans are finding in FIFA 20, ranging from questionable AI selection to players having their stats drop as a result of being edited. The list of complaints has also been shared on r/FIFA and EA's official support forum for FIFA 20.

On Twitter, the hashtag #FixCareerMode cracked the top 10 trending topics in the United Kingdom on September 27. In addition to circulating the list from Reddit and pointing out individual issues, many of the tweets make reference to giving up the FIFA franchise for Pro Evolution Soccer.

Currently, the thread on EA's FIFA 2020 support forum has been pinned by an EA community manager, who says the criticisms and bug reports are all being passed along to the Career Mode team.

EA isn't alone in stewarding popular annual sports games that attract heat from fans online, but EA boasts that FIFA is the largest sports game franchise on the planet. That scale carries over to the spread of criticisms, too. For USG's thoughts on FIFA 20, read our review and check out our FIFA 20 guides section.

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