FIFA 20 Fastest Players: The Players With the Highest Pace Rating

FIFA 20 Fastest Players: The Players With the Highest Pace Rating

Pace is more important than ever in FIFA 20. Here are the fastest players in the game.

FIFA 20 has made a bunch of important changes to the flow of the game. Defenders are more proficient than ever, and can pin down attackers with ease if necessary. Pace has also been overhauled, and if you have high pace players they will absolutely be able to break free of a defensive line. This has made pace much more viable this year, so you’ll want to make sure you know who the fastest FIFA 20 players are. In this FIFA 20 Fastest Players Guide, we’ve selected the top 20 fastest players, so that you can start building a lightning fast attacking line.

Fastest Players

Now that EA has revealed the core stats for the top 100 players in FIFA 20, we can start to work out which players are the best for certain areas of the pitch. We’ve collected the core data for the top 20 fastest players in the table below, so be sure to check them out!.

Mane LW94837788447488
Inaki WilliamsST94807280418282
Kim In SeongRM94606472324971
Elliot ListST94604964276462
James LM94616373275772
Luis Advincula RB94647075667674
Jonas AguirreLM94586070436468
Tom BarkhuizenRM94655970406771
Mathis BollyRM94605266296065
Anibal ChalaLB95465457636566
Gelson MartinsRM95717486476182
Adama TraoreRW96606183317574
Cristiano RonaldoST97998289357893

Who’s the Fastest Player?

From the data that EA has released so far for FIFA 20, it would seem that Cristiano Ronaldo is the fastest player in the game. Over on EA’s FIFA ratings site however, the top player for pace is Adama Traore. Obviously Ronaldo is rated higher across the board, but Traore will be a much viable option for many.

Who is the Fastest Player in the Premier League?

Now, if you’re looking to grab a Premier League player with pace, there are some really great options. The Premier League player with the highest Pace rating is Adama Traore. They play for Wolves, and will be pretty attainable for most.

FIFA 20 Fastest Ligue 1 Player

Over at Ligue 1, we have Kylian Mbappe as the fastest player. This has been the case for a few years now, so Mbappe will no doubt set you back a fair bit if you’re looking to get him over for transfers.

Those are the fastest players you can sign in FIFA 20. For more help with the game check out our best young players guide. There's also our look at how Career Mode has changed since last year.

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