FIFA 20 Pro Clubs: Changes, New Match Types, New Positions

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs: Changes, New Match Types, New Positions

EA has finally lifted the lid on FIFA 20’s Pro Clubs Mode. Here’s what’s changed for this year.

With each new iteration of FIFA, EA makes tweaks to many of the traditional game modes. FIFA 20 brings big changes for Pro Clubs in particular, which fans will no doubt be happy with after a few years of stagnation. Recently, EA released a bunch of new details regarding FIFA 20 Pro Clubs, so we’ve compiled all of the new info into this FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Guide. We’ll take a look at what has changed in FIFA Pro Clubs since last year, and detail all of the major updates like the new positions, new match types, and more.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Character Creator

The first thing we’ll be detailing in this FIFA 20 Pro Clubs guide is the new Avatar system. This replaces the character creation across the whole of FIFA 20, adding in an improved 4-quadrant axis morphing tool allowing for deeper customization. The aim is to allow players to morph and define each facial feature, and make subtle tweaks to features like skin tone. Note that the new Avatar system carries all of the tools used previously, and you’ll still get to define your pro’s celebrations and set piece styles.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs New Positions

More new features now, as EA has announced it will be adding in brand new positions to FIFA 20 Pro Clubs. Some are returning from previous iterations in the series, while others are brand new choices for players to experiment with. We’ve listed the new FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Positions below:

  • LF/RF
  • LM/RM

What’s Changed For FIFA 20 Pro Clubs?

As with any new FIFA title, you’ll be wanting to know what the main changes are for your favorite modes. It’s lucky then that FIFA 20 Pro Clubs is bringing in a slew of new features and tweaks to last year’s mode. We’ve listed all of the FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Changes below:

  • New Positions
  • Two new match modes
  • New customization options
  • New ways to carry on character progression
  • Stamina tweaks
  • Bug fixes
  • More kit options
  • Updated broadcast options
  • Camera angle is updated for goal celebrations

How to Improve Your Player Stats in Pro Clubs

Player progression is a huge part of FIFA 20 Pro Clubs. And while you’ll gain valuable experience from every match you play, there are certain match types that will increase your players stats. You’ll start at an overall rating of 80, and can increase your stats by playing the following modes:

  • Drop In
  • League
  • Cup Matches

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Traits

As well as playing the match types listed above, there are other ways to customize the way your Pro plays. Traits are making a return in FIFA 20, with an additional 30 Traits being added in. As always, Traits will have positive effects on certain stats, at a cost for stats elsewhere.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs New Match Types: House Rules Cup and Practice Match

Probably the biggest news regarding FIFA 20 Pro Clubs is that there will be two new Match Types this year. They offer brand new ways to train and play, and you can find details on each one below:

  • House Rules Cup - the Kick-Off mode from last year is now playable in Pro Clubs, It will replace the old cups, and rotate a new match type every day of the week. A different cup will be playable each weekend too.
  • Practice Match - practice individually or as a team against varied AI difficulties, from beginner to legendary. Customize the difficulty and tactics of the opposition.

FIFA 20 Will Avoid Kit Clashing With 25 New Customizable Kits

One of the big problems of Pro Clubs so far is kit clashing. Essentially, there were too few kit options meaning that you’d often face off against another team in the same colors, making it difficult to play. To alleviate kit clashing, EA is adding in 25 new customizable kits, with 150 crests to choose from. Once a match is found, the team captains can pick what kits their team will see locally for the upcoming match. The kits displayed represent what both teams currently have selected as their default home and away kits. The Pre-Match kit selection will work with EA’s kit clashing logic in unison to help deliver the best experience, free of kit clashing for players.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Bug Fixes

Finally, let’s take a look at the bug fixes that EA has addressed for FIFA 20 Pro Clubs. These include common bugs from previous years, as well as new camera tweaks and balancing.

  • ‘Any’ Stamina Bug - Stamina drained faster for the player controlling the ‘Any’ position
  • CB in wall - The game now places taller forwards and midfielders in the wall to defend against Free Kicks
  • GK Set Piece - Having a GK as captain will no longer affect game stability when your team has a set piece to take
  • Club Trophy Celebration - Clubs can now watch the full Cup Celebration when you win

That’s all we have on FIFA 20 Pro Clubs so far. We’ll be sure to add in any new info we hear over the coming weeks, so in the meantime be sure to head over to our FIFA 20 Everything We Know for more details on FIFA 20

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