FIFA 20 Squad Battles: Refresh Limit, Team of the Week, New Interface

FIFA 20 Squad Battles: Refresh Limit, Team of the Week, New Interface

Squad Battles have changed significantly in FIFA 20. Here’s what you need to know about the new Refresh Limit, Team of the Week and Interface updates.

FIFA 20 makes a lot of changes to FUT 20 in particular, tweaking existing modes to better align with player feedback. One of FIFA’s most popular modes, Squad Battles, is getting a pretty sizeable update, and the way you choose opponents will likely be different to how you would previously. To help you keep track of it all, we’ve put together this FIFA 20 Squad Battles Guide. It’ll detail all of the new features that this year’s FIFA 20 brings with it, and go into some detail on how the new Refresh system works out.

Squad Battles Changes

Let’s start off by taking a look at the changes that have been made to Squad Battles for FIFA 20. We’ve listed them below, and will go into more detail further down the page

  • New Interface
  • Timed Refresh is gone
  • New Refresh system
  • Team of the Week is a permanent Squad Battle

Squad Battles New Interface

There’s a brand new interface for Squad Battles in FUT 20. You can check it out in the image below, but basically it will now show you more detail on the squad you’re about to face. You’ll see the top three players from each squad, some details on the current tactical setup and formation, the kits and stadium, as well as the ratings for the squad and their chemistry displayed more clearly. Those opponent squads will feature their customization as well, with Tifo and stadium themes carrying into each match.

Squad Battles Squad Refresh

The way in which Squads are refreshed in Squad Battles has been changed for FIFA 20. Instead of a Timed Refresh, you’ll be able to refresh to four new Squads whenever you’d like. You can do this a total of 10 times, after which your Squad Battles will not count towards your weekly competition standings. You can still refresh up to a total of 40 refreshes, and you can use these Squads to complete objectives, or for friendly play.

FUT 20 Squad Battles: Team of the Week is Now a Permanent Feature

You’ll be pleased to know that Team of the Week Squads will be permanently available in FIFA 20 Squad Battles. There’s also Featured Squad Battle, and you’ll now be able to replay if desired to try and improve your final score. You’ll need to balance risk and reward when you re-match and replace your previous score in an attempt to earn more points, push yourself higher up the leaderboards, and gain better rewards.

That's how Squad Battles work in FIFA 20. For more help with the game check out our best young players guide. There's also our look at how Career Mode has changed since last year.

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