FIFA 20 Volta Store: How to Earn Volta Coins and Unlock Items

FIFA 20 Volta Store: How to Earn Volta Coins and Unlock Items

Volta Coins can be used to purchase new cosmetic items in FIFA 20’s Volta mode. Here’s what you need to know.

FIFA 20 adds in Volta, a brand new street-focused football mode that lets you face off in a variety of new locales. It’s sort of like FIFA Street, though features much of the same skills and controls from the base FIFA 20 experience. You’ll customize a character, and then have the opportunity to earn new items to dress them in. You’ll need to complete challenges or earn Volta Coins to do so. In this FIFA 20 Volta Store Guide, we’ll be detailing how to unlock new items in the Volta Mode. We’ll go into detail on challenges and Volta Coins as well/.

FIFA 20: How to Earn Volta Coins

First off, let’s take a look at earning Volta Coins. You’ll do so by competing in the various tournaments that are available to you. You’ll earn a certain amount based on your performance, so be sure to keep an eye on your rating in the top right while playing.

What Are Volta Coins Used For?

Once you’ve earned some Volta Coins, you’ll want to spend them. To do so, head to the Volta Store. Each item can be purchased for a certain amount, with the selection refreshing every couple of weeks.

You Can Also Complete Challenges to Unlock Items

Volta Coins can be used to purchase new items outright, but there’s another, and cheaper way to get them. If you head to the Active Drop section of the store, you’ll see that you can unlock most items by completing challenges. Here are some examples:

  • Win 2 Volta Tournament matches in Parking Lot
  • Recruit a player whose home turf is Paris
  • Win 2 Volta League matches
  • Win 3 matches

When is the Active Drop Refreshed?

Every now and then, the items that you can get in the Volta Shop will refresh. Currently, this is set to be every two weeks, so make sure you claim any items before they’re gone.

Can You Buy Volta Coins?

Usually, you’ll be able to buy Coins to purchase items in FIFA 20. For now at least, this does not apply to Volta Coins, though we’ll be sure to update if anything changes.

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