FIFA 20 Won't Include Juventus License as PES Signs Exclusive Deal

FIFA 20 Won't Include Juventus License as PES Signs Exclusive Deal

This has been a very interesting offseason for virtual soccer.

Konami's soccer series Pro Evolution Soccer has usually been the underdog to Electronic Arts' FIFA series, but this year's round of licensing seems to have the latter on the back foot. PES 2020 has an exclusive partner in popular club Juventus, meaning their kits and branding won't appear in FIFA 20 whatsoever.

While this won't affect individual athlete licenses-Cristiano Ronaldo is still free to appear in FIFA 20-it does mean that the arena, kits, team name, and logo of Juventus are barred from FIFA 20 and FIFA Mobile. In a blog post, EA confirms this will not affect any gameplay elements, especially those of past games.

What it does mean is that FIFA will now have Piemonte Calcio as the stand-in for Juventus, with its own kits, and the former Juventus team's chemistry links and other stats will carry over. It's essentially the same, but still surprising to see FIFA having to settle for a stand-in team name rather than PES. This will have a notable effect on FIFA's Serie A, where Piemonte will stand in for Juventus. Even with player likenesses, it's going to be weird seeing Ronaldo in a knockoff kit in a FIFA game.

This all seems part of a heavy licensing spree from Konami, as PES 2020 has also signed on Manchester United, albeit not exclusively. PES could be making a real play for FIFA's seat on the throne. But even with a big name like Juventus locked down, it might need more ammo to come at the king. Especially after that bizarre episode with PES 2019 and PlayStation Plus.

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