Fig Also Promises To Help Indies With Steam Direct

Fig's Finishing Fund offers $500,000 to help with Steam Direct submissions and marketing.

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Raw Fury isn't the only organization stepping up to help independent developers after the announcement of Steam Direct. Crowdfunding platform Fig has announced the establishment of the Fig Finishing Fund. Fig is offering up to $500,000 to help indie developers publish on platforms like Steam Direct and reach new fans through paid marketing.

An example indie campaign on Fig.

The catch? To access the fund, developers have to run a campaign for their game on the Fig. It's called the Finishing Fund because the money can be used for a variety of purposes at the end of the indie development cycle.

"For each developer who attracts 1,000 or more backers for a campaign that succeeds on Fig, we will guarantee at least $20,000 of Fig Funds from the investment side of the campaign - sourced from our network of investors or Fig itself," said Fig CEO Justin Bailey. "Developers will be able to use these funds to finish their games, support more languages, and defray the costs of distribution -- such as the fees that will be charged by Valve's new Steam Direct program."

The rest can be used for direct paid marketing, because Fig creators acknowledge that's one of the harder aspects of independent game dev these days.

"As digital marketplaces become ever more crowded, it gets harder for game launches to overcome the noise and be discovered," added Bailey. "By giving developers resources they can apply to marketing their titles, developers are free to dedicate more fan-raised money to making their games. As always, developers funding their game through Fig will also be able to take advantage of Fig's co-publishing services to further help market those games."

It's another great lifeline to developers who wondered if their livelihoods would be threatened under Steam Direct. Developers interested in learning more can contact Bailey via email.

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