Fight Off Your Case of the Mondays With a Pair Of Podcasts

Fight Off Your Case of the Mondays With a Pair Of Podcasts

Catch up on the latest USgamer shows! If Garfield had an iPod, his entire outlook on the week would have been totally different.

Nobody loves Monday. But we're aiming to make it at least a little more tolerable... assuming, that is, you like low-key podcasts about video games

Last week (or rather, the week before that), we figured out a name for our official USgamer podcast: From US to You! No one likes it except us, apparently, but that's OK because all that matters is that you enjoy the show.

Our fourth and most recent episode of From US to You! launched quietly this weekend after a brief travel delay, which means that it joins our usual Monday morning Retronauts announcement. That's two, two, two times the podcast power! Three hours of words to fill your earholes this week. That's really quite a lot.

In a minor coincidence, both episodes revolve around Nintendo portables systems. Retronauts tackles the recent 10th anniversary of the Nintendo DS — admittedly 10 years is somewhat stretching it for a show about classic games, but eh — while the main show looks at the fallout from last week's Nintendo Direct and the New 3DS XL before moving along to a heavier discussion of media rights and ethics in an age of disproportionate retribution. Whether you prefer your critical-but-reasoned discussion of Nintendo business policies fresh or seasoned with age, we've got you covered this morning.

Of course, From US to You! and Retronauts are like the Dudley and Harry of our podcasts: The former gets to wallow in its parents' love as a sanctioned use of our time on the USgamer clock, while the latter has to sleep in the cupboard beneath the stairs, being recorded on the sly in off-site facilities. As such, Retronauts made possible by funding from our Patreon campaign, so we hope you'll help support the show. Even as little as a dollar a month helps pay for bandwidth, facilities, and more! Plus you get goodies.

Download links:

From US to You! Episode 4: Nintendo and Freedom of the Press

Jeremy, Bob, Jaz, and Mike mull the intrigues and misfires from Nintendo's first big set of announcements for 15 before contemplating the challenges of freedom of the press in a world that's become hostile to the press. Plus: Best games of January!

Libsyn (1:11:59 | MP3 Download) | SoundCloud | Subscribe to and review From US to You! on iTunes

Retronauts Vol. IV Episode 31: All Hail the DS!

What is "retro"? This week, we test the limits by talking about a 10-year-old system whose games you can still buy at retail. But in fairness, the Nintendo DS was pretty much retro from the moment of its conception. Feat. Henry Gilbert of Games Radar and our very own Kat Bailey.

Libsyn (1:49:00 | MP3 Download) | SoundCloud | Subscribe to and review Retronauts on iTunes

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