Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers' Savage Raids Has Top Guilds Vying for the Glory of a World First Completion. Here's a Breakdown

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers' Savage Raids Has Top Guilds Vying for the Glory of a World First Completion. Here's a Breakdown

We take a look at the current race to take world first in Final Fantasy 14's hardest content.

Look, this is going to have spoilers for the current Final Fantasy 14 raid content.

Update: Free company Entropy is officially the first to complete the final encounter of Eden's Gate Savage!

Today marks the release of Patch 5.05 for Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers. The patch offers a number of balance changes and some new content, but the big focus is definitely the new Savage difficulty of the existing Eden's Gate raid wing. This first part of the raid was added to Final Fantasy 14 two weeks ago with Patch 5.01, which comprises four boss encounters: Eden Prime, Voidwalker, Leviathan, and Titan. Players had a chance to down those bosses and grab some loot to prepare for the harder versions of the encounters.

Voidwalker is already down as teh race rounds the end. | Mike Williams/USG, Sqaure Enix

Racing For World First

This morning, servers went live for the new patch, and several raid groups began tackling the new content. A spreadsheet posted by Reddit user Frosty_TV is tracking the progress of most of the major static groups. You can also find a number of folks streaming their progression attempts on Twitch, though most of the leading groups are running privately to keep their encounter strategies secret.

One team from the Japanese free company Elvellon was the first to finish off the Savage Eden Prime encounter, but they fell behind on Voidwalker, ending almost an hour behind the leader of that phase. As of this writing, Evellon's group was the third to clear the Savage version of Leviathan, meaning they're now working hard on the final encounter that's available.

One of the top free companies in Final Fantasy 14, the North American group Elysium, is progression raiding across four different groups. The Free 2 Play group wasn't in the top 3 for Eden Prime clears, but has slowly worked its way up, taking a second place finish for Voidwalker, and being the first static to clear Leviathan. The company took first place an hour ahead of the second place group, giving it more time to work out Titan Savage.

Other groups, meanwhile, have hit a brick wall in terms of progression. Kio's Dinosaur Park, a party on the Aether datacenter, had a third place clear on Eden Prime and first place on Voidwalker, but they have yet to finish off Leviathan. Members from Unreal matched the third place time for Eden Prime, but have fallen significantly behind since then. Another party, Elitists Anonymous, cleared the first encounter within 30 minutes of the first place time, but they have yet to finish off Voidwalker.

It's likely that at least one group will clear the entire raid wing in this first 24 hours. As of this moment, a number groups are tackling Titan Savage. Some have even gotten to a brand-new phase transition of the boss, like this Japanese party made from players on the Mana (Chocobo) datacenter. You can watch their live attempts at a clear right now on Twitch and Youtube Live. If you're on the bleeding edge of progression, you too can fight giant God of War-style Titan.

Finishing each of the Eden's Savage encounters rewards new loot: Edengrace Coffers. The first three encounters rewards gear coffers, while Titan Savage also rewards a weapon coffer. These coffers resolves into gear for your corresponding jobs at item level 470. Players will get book tokens as well; if you don't get the Edengrace gear of choice, you can trade in a number of these tokens for what you're looking for.

Leviathan returns in a new form. | Mike Williams/USG, Sqaure Enix

Astrologians Rejoice - Job Changes

As I noted before, the patch also saw a host of other changes and tweaks. Shadowbringers moves all of the healers away from damage, significantly reworking Astrologians and Scholars in the process. Players of both jobs were less than happy, and it seems Square Enix has at least listened to some of them. Astrologians received another rework of the primary Sleeve Draw mechanics, alongside some potency increases and cast time reductions. Overall, Astro players might still be unhappy with how the job currently works, but their healing looks to be drastically improved.

Red Mages had their MP costs lowered for most of their major spells, including Verflare and Verholy. For Ninjas, Gust Slash is stronger, following a nerf of that move in the early patches of the Stormblood expansion. Four of Samurai's moves have had their cast times reduced to instant, with a potency increase to Shoha and the return of Hagakure; this is likely to push Samurai's damage higher, since they bring little raid utility otherwise. Monks are also pretty happy, as the Form Shift action now refreshes stack of Greased Lightning, the job's primary buff. Scholars get back at Energy Drain, getting another damage tool for their downtime.

In addition to the raid gear, there's a new tomestone rewarded for completion of the various Duty Roulette content. Tomestones of Phantasmagoria will drop from every roulette, and they're capped at 450 tomestones per week, and 2,000 tomestones maximum. These Tomestones can be traded in for gear with an item level of 460, and eventually you can augment that to item level 470.

Finally, Patch 5.05 adds the new treasure dungeons to Shadowbringers. Players who find a Timeworn Zonureskin Map in treasure chests can open a portal into additional dungeons. Players who enter the Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah can gain access to exclusive items, including minions, glamour, and more.

We'll keep track of the ongoing Savage race and other changes to Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers as they happen.

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